Academic Year 2016/17.

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Academic Year 2016/17Module Code:BNM830Module Name:Managing Multi-Organisational Enterprises and EnterpriseSystemsModule Leader:Prof. Ben Clegg with Dr. Andreas SchroederCoursework Title:Coursework AssignmentTask Details/Description:This module is assessed by coursework (100%); it will consist of a mid-term formativepresentation and an assessed report. The coursework presentation and report are bothindividual pieces of work. The report is to include the following:Part 1: Managing Enterprise Structure and ProcessUse the theory, models and techniques covered in this module to:a.Choose a suitable industry and focus on one of its most influential enterprises thatdelivers a complex product-service system. Analyse and explain its strategy usingthe concept of Collaborative Enterprise Governance (CEG).This should include a one page ‘Enterprise Matrix’ that maps out relationships inthe enterprise and a 1,500 word explanation (maximum) about the enterprisestrategy to explain how it remainsagileenough to deal with dynamic forces actingupon it, the Dynamic Enterprise Reference Grid (DERG) should be used for this.(25% marks)b.Use the same enterprise you have described in (i) and draw an ideal state ValueStream Map for one of its core processes to explain how the enterprise strategyensuresleanoperational processes.This should be done ononesheet of paper (A3 size is preferred) and described in1,500 words (maximum) explanation.(25% marks)COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT
Part 2: Managing Enterprise Information SystemsUsing the same enterprise as in Part 1 you are required to select a suitable EnterpriseSystem (ES) and develop an implementation plan for this system.c.Identify a type of Enterprise System that is most appropriate to support thebusiness strategy of the enterprise (e.g., ERP, CRM, SCM, another integrativesolution), and explain how this particular type of Enterprise System will supportthe business strategy.This description should not exceed 1500 words.(25% marks)d.Devise a detailed plan for the implementation of the selected Enterprise Systemand specify how the implementation plan addresses the main implementationissues that could be expected.This description should not exceed 1500 words.(25% marks)Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:1. Understanding relevant academic models and theory2. Application of academic models and theory to practical cases3. Develop Research skills4. Develop report writing and professional presentation skillsPresentation Requirements:Word Count: 6,000 maximum (excluding references and appendices, which are expected)Font Size: Arial 12Line Spacing: 1.0Submission Date & Time:See Post Graduate Office.Assessment Weighting for the Module:100%
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