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ACC213 - Media Law and Ethics | Deakin University

Added on - 03 Mar 2020

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Running Head: MEDIA LAWMedia LawName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note
1MEDIA LAW1.Media has a very important role to play in the society. The functions of media personnelin order to ensure that best practices are observed, has to be based on the code of ethicsand the existing law of the land (Herring 2014). Media personnel have variousresponsibilities towards the society and the subjects they deal with. It is there duty tomaintain standards and accuracy when it comes to the reporting of facts. It is expectedfrom the reporters that they are accurate as much as possible with respect to the allocatedtime for story preparations along with available spaces. It is the duty of media reporters toalways seek reliable resources to base their assertations (Davis and Taras 2017). The roleof journalists is to gain information and often they are prevented from accessing it.Journalists even sometimes die trying to collect information as it is not possible for themto function without it. According to the ABC code of practice the media reporters have adual obligation of high quality and accountability (ABC 2017). In relation to accuracy thecode states that presenting and gathering information has to be accurate and based on therecognized standards. According to the standards, the media personnel have a duty toensure that they accurately present material facts in context and do not indulge inpresenting factual content in a way which likely to materially mislead the audience. Thereporters are also expected to include explanatory information and other appropriatelabels. In the case in hand it has been provided that Allen Keys who is a MelbourneChannel 4 TV journalist has been informed by one of his police sources that a womenaged 35 years is probably going to be arrested with charges of her husband being missing.The name and address of the women has also been provided by the source. When thereported reached the address he was in good faith allowed by the women to conduct an
2MEDIA LAWinterview. During the interview it had been provided by the women Mrs. Jones that she isstill hoping that her husband will come home who is missing since two weeks. However,keys in this case had not followed the guidelines of the code of ethics and had tweetedwhich is followed by 240 followers, that the husband is likely dead and his wife is theprimary suspect. In this case it is clear that the information provided by Keys is not inaccordance to the code of practices which provides that an information has to be accurateas far as possible. Although given the time the husband had been missing it can beinterpreted that he is likely dead, it was not appropriate on the part of Keys to providedon twitter that the wife is the prime suspect as he did not have any basis to support thistweet. Moreover according to the interview which was allowed in good faith by Mrs.Jones he should have included in the tweet that the wife is still waiting for her husband.2.According to the privacy fact sheets as provided by the National Privacy Principles whichis based on Schedule 3 of the Privacy Act 1988 information must not be collected by anorganization unless it necessary to collect such information for its activities or functions( 2017). The information which is collected by an organization has to be donein accordance to law and by fair means and not in a way which is unreasonably intrusive.Whenever any information is collected by a reported it must be insured that the personwhose information is being collected has knowledge about the identification and contactof the organization, the fact that access can be gained by him or her to the information,the reason for which the information is getting collected, the organization to which theperson will disclose the information, legal rights of the person while collectinginformation and the consequences if any if true information is not provided. It is furtherprovided that information has to be only collected for the person about whom the
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