ACCG100 - Accounting in Society - Assignment

Added on - Oct 2019

The assignment of the case study in which the learner is required to complete the research based on the given case. The assignment will be essay and will follow the points such as the overview of the company background, ethical issues arise in the business, ethical dilemma faced by the parties involved in practice, evaluation of the stakeholders and the impact of ethical issues on them and the negative and positive impact of the ethical issues on the decision of the higher authorities. Further the essay also includes the original view point of the learner on the business ethics and how the view can be changed in order to overcome the issue.

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Table of ContentsIntroduction3Overview of Company3Ethical Issues4Stakeholders Affected by the Ethical Issue4Impact of Decisions5View on Business Ethics6Conclusion6References7Page2
IntroductionThe disaster caused due to oil spill in 2010 at theGulf of Mexico is termed as the Deepwater HorizonDisaster. British Petroleum (BP) was heldresponsible for this disaster and was marked bysinking of the oil rig. Technical failures led theDeepwater Horizon to catch fire that further led toloss of life and injury of many workers. Around205.8 million gallons of oil is noted to have releasedinto the water due to the spill and is one of thelargest disaster, which is related with the waterfrontiers in the United States of America (USA)(Ingersoll, Locke & Reavis, 2012). The objective ofthe paper is to highlight the ethical issues concernedwith oil spill.Overview of CompanyBP is observed to be a leading player in the gas andoil industry of the global market. It came intoexistence during the early 1900s in England. Theorganization uses innovative technology so that it ispossible to reduce emission of carbon duringextraction of oil and gas from the deep sea. BPoperates in 72 nations around the globe and has atotal workforce size of above 70,000. Moreover, thewell known brand of BP that operates in the globalmarket includes Castrol, Aral and ampm (BP p.l.c,2017; BP p.l.c, 2017a). The business at present isheaded by the Carl-Henric Svanberg, who after thePage3

The given assignment is the essay and learner has completed it by referring the case study. The learner has identified the challenge and to overcome issues. Further report concluded that the accident took place in the oil Rig of BP at gulf of Mexico in 2010 is termed as deep water Horizon disaster. It was caused due to spillage of oil and the Rig caught fire. This turned to the loss of life of the worker and also damages the natural habitat in the water. It was found that due to the disaster of activity the EPA band BP to run the business and raise money from the market. This in turn affects the share market of the company. The value of the shares falls down due to the disaster as activity.

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