According to the Director’s specified computer requirements, our

Added on - Oct 2019

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According to the Director’s specified computer requirements, our office is goingto need new PCs. I recommend the new Dell XPS 15 Touch laptop. With theDell XPS 15, each employee’s new laptop will have the capability of multipletasks such as videoconference and creating and editing audio and video files.This is only to name a few of the new features and capabilities.CenturyLink Business has an affordable yet exceptional internet and web serviceplan. The service will provide the Modem and NAT Router so that multiple PCswill be connected and able to flow information between them. The NAT Routerhas an internal firewall for protection. Also, each laptop will have McAfeeSecurity software for the additional virus protection needed. Microsoft Office 365will be installed so that employees are able to send and receive emails, managecalendars, while also creating and sharing documents, spreadsheets, andpresentations. The new Dell XPS 15 comes with many features all of which willhelp each employee to better support the needs of the growing office.1
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