ASC 740 Tax Provision Case Bear Down, Inc. (BDI)

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Accounting 556 – University of ArizonaASC 740 Tax Provision CaseBear Down, Inc. (BDI)ObjectiveAt the end of this exercise the participants will be able toUnderstand what information needs to be gathered from the client to completethe entire tax provision.Understand the importance of involvement of joint planning by both the Auditand Tax function in the provision preparation process.Given a balance sheet, trial balance (included in the Excel workbook), and otherselected financial information, identify additional information needed from thecompany. Calculate the income tax payable, the deferred tax asset and liabilitybalances, and the current and deferred tax expense, record the necessary journalentry, prepare the tax rate reconciliation, and complete the Company’s taxaccount roll-forward analysis (i.e., beginning tax account balances to ending taxaccount balances).BackgroundFollowing is a balance sheet and other miscellaneous information for Bear Down,Inc. (BDI) for the year ended December 31, 20X3. The controller has asked you toassist in the preparation of the tax provision. You have received a draft copy of thefinancial statement without final tax numbers.Using the limited information below and whatever additional information you areable to obtain, compute the current year tax accrual and provision so that a final auditadjustment can be made prior to the Company’s earnings release next week.Balance SheetDecember 31, 20X3Cash$1,392,017Accounts payable$1,267,565Accounts receivable (net)907,079Current notes payable269,721Inventory1,099,510Deferred revenue188,000Investment in securitiesDeferred tax asset3,392,99418,626Income tax payableAccrued liabilities262,0001,252,537Land and property—net925,000Long-term debt1,841,898Investment in subsidiary100,000Long-term note receivable150,000Other assets354,069Equity & retained earnings3,257,574Total assets$8,339,295Total liabilities & equity$8,339,295
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