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Qantas Annual Report 2016 Accounting & Financial Reporting

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Added on  2020-02-23

Qantas Annual Report 2016 Accounting & Financial Reporting

   Added on 2020-02-23

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Running head: ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL REPORTINGAccounting and Financial ReportingName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
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1ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL REPORTINGIntroduction on the CompanyQantas International is a Jet star Group and Qantas Loyalty with a huge capital. Thisreport is Qantas Group strategy, which have increased their profits in the recent years. Thecompany has investment in product and services and this company is increasingly a new sourceof ventures. Quotas financial statement is dependent on the safety standards, and customers’satisfaction and this will give the strongest foundation for future. The companies’ short term andlong-term goals share for the value of the shareholders. The ultimate goal for the company is tosecure sustainability (Navarro, 2016).
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2ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL REPORTINGMemorandum to the Board of DirectorsMEMORANDUM TO: Board of Directors FROM: Alan Joyce (Chief Executive Officer) Subject: Memo to the board of directors explaining some of the technical aspects and intricaciesof consolidation to the BoardProposalThis memorandum for requesting the Board of Directors shall make some changes andthe explanation of the technical issues and intricacies in the consolidation to the Board andamend the provision of the Accounting Standards and the notes and Bylaws to authorize theBoard (Van Nostrand, 2013).Background Aside from the meeting held where the consolidation of the financial statements arediscussed. As the representative of the company Qantas and it is clear that some reforms aremade and there are some changes. In order to propose to give some priority for someconsiderations for difficulties faced in consolidation. In working with the close cooperation withthe members and the directors of the company and assisting in improving the understanding theability to resolve the consolidation of the accounts of the company (Kapila,2015). The companyhas a foreign subsidiary including the companies such asQantas Link and Jet star and hasinterests in associated business. The company has accounted for the financial statements of thesubsidiary companies and in order to implement the effectiveness of the principles and standards
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