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Accounting and Economic Measures

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Added on  2020-02-18

Accounting and Economic Measures

   Added on 2020-02-18

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Assessment 1Assessment 1By Student’s NameCourse + CodeClassInstitutionDate
Accounting and Economic Measures_1
Assessment 2Assessment Question 1a.Cash receiptsMonth of July(Amount$)Month of August (Amount$)Month of September(Amount$)Fee140,000160,000200,000Profit from sales100,000Total cash receipt140,000260,000200,000Expenses Wages & salaries70,00070,00070,000Supplies8,5009,20012,000 Equipment 120,000Buying of plants42,00045,00061,000Total expenses240,050124,200143,000Net cash flow-100,500135,80057,000Beginning balance265,000164,500300,300Ending balance164,500300,300357,300b.Cash receiptsMonth ofJuly(Amount$)Month of August(Amount$)Month of September(Amount$)
Accounting and Economic Measures_2
Assessment 3Fees140,000160,000200,000Profit from sales100,000Total cash receipts140,000260,000200,000Expenses Wages & salaries70,00070,00070,000Supplies8,5009,20012,000Equipment 10,00010,00010,000Buying of plants42,00045,00061,000Total expenses130,500134,200153,000Net cash flow9,500125,80047,000Beginning balance26,500274,500400,300Ending balance274,500400,300447,300After the calculation, the remaining balance is more, therefore it is advisable for the owner to rent the facility[ CITATION deb17 \l 1033 ].Question 2a. Fixed Costs÷(Price - Variable Costs) = Breakeven Point in Units1-year-old$402,800/ ($20-12) =50,350 units2-years- old$402,800/ (28-18) =40,280 units
Accounting and Economic Measures_3

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