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Accounting Information Systems Homework

Added on -2019-09-20

This homework includes reviewing the accuracy of the books of Northeast Seasonal Jobs International (NSJI), a job broker. It also includes transforming the flat file to 3NF (third normal form) and discussing irregularities in movie theaters and restaurants. Furthermore, it explains how the principle of separation of duties is violated in different situations. The subject is Accounting Information Systems and it does not mention any course code, course name, or college/university.
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Accounting Information Systems HomeworkPart A:You have been hired to review the accuracy of the books of Northeast Seasonal Jobs International (NSJI), a job broker. NSJI matches employers whose business is seasonal (like ski resorts) with people looking for part time positions at such places. Employers are located in the Northeast (New England), but recently expanded to include parts of Canada. NSJI maintains all of this information in a flat file spreadsheet. For the spreadsheet structure see the Excel file "Student_NSJI_Flat_File.xlsx" attached. Requirements 1) From a reviewer’s perspective, explain what is wrong with NSJI’s approach to manage its data. Do you think these problems are serious from the company perspective? Please be specific. 2) To reduce the possible impact of these potential problems, what advice would you give to the company? 3) Using the spreadsheet structure provided, transform the flat file to 3NF (third normal form). Business Rules You have ascertained from an interview with your client (NSJI):● Contact position is fixed – does not change (i.e. it is a field of Employer) ● “Comments” is a field of Employer, not Position● “NAICS” stands for “North American Industry Classification System”● “Openings” is a field of Position, not Employer● “Phone” is a field of Employer● “Position ID” is unique for all employers Part B:Discussion Questions:7.5. When you go to a movie theater, you buy a prenumbered ticket from the cashier. This ticket is handed to another person at the entrance to the movie. What kinds of irregularities is the theater trying to prevent? What controls is it using to prevent these irregularities? What remaining risks or exposures can you identify?7.6. Some restaurants use customer checks with prenumbered sequence codes. Each food server uses these checks to write up customer orders. Food servers are told not to destroy any customer checks; if a mistake is made, they are to void that check and write a new one. All voided checks are to be turned in to the manager daily. How does this policy help the restaurant control cash receipts?

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