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Quality and accreditation in health care services (PDF)

Added on - 31 May 2021

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Accreditation survey for a healthcare facilityThe Name of the StudentThe Name of the CourseThe Name of the ProfessorThe Name of the SchoolThe City and State where it is locatedDate
Preparation for accreditation survey by the healthcareIntroductionPreparation is a core activity in conducting any process or procedures. It involvesa series of activities that when strictly followed will result in the success of thestipulated process. Therefore, an accreditation survey for a healthcare requires awell-structured procedure to be observed so that the process is done efficiently asit is a process that occurs ones every two years in most healthcare facilities. Inpreparation for the survey, the healthcare organization should uphold a sampleframework presented below in the slides below.
Preparing for surveyThe health care should prepare for a plan to be followed by the staff when thesurveyors arrive. The plan should include the following. Greeting thesurveyors: This is the first step involving identification of the surveyor stuff atthe entrance. Tell the stuff about the Joint Commission while educating themwhat to do when the surveyors arrive. Explain the importance of identifyingthe surveyor’s ID.
Secondly, who to notify upon the arrival of the surveyor: create a list of namesand contact details of the heads and leaders to be notified when the surveyorsarrive. Prepare for a location for surveyors to wait while the contact person isbeing informed of their arrival. Awaiting lobby should be a quiet place and wellorganized. Another point is the validation of the survey. Make an arrangement toassign a person/ staff responsible for validation of the survey.
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