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ACF528: Case Project2020/2021Case Project (84%)Each student is required to prepare an original case study and analysis. Eachstudent is required to identify a company/organisation which has experienced amajor corporate governance/ethical issue or a series of smaller issues/dilemmas.Students are not allowed to choose a case covered in the module textbook,Tricker (2019), or a case older than 10 years. All students are stronglyadvised to consult a file which the module co-ordinator has placed on theBlackBoard Learn page for the module which identifies cases that thestudents CANNOT cover for the final case project.For the selected company/organisation, each student is required to write andanalyse a case project looking at the key corporate governance/ethical issueswithin the case.Students are advised to use theSWIF (Student Written, Instructor Facilitated)approach in preparation for their case study.1
SWIF Learning: A Guide to Student Written, Instructor Facilitated CaseWritingEach student will find online a paper written by Professor Paul Swiercz on theSWIF approach to be used for the continuous assessment for the module. Thefollowing identifies applicable and non-applicable sections of this paper for thepurposes of preparing the case project:SectionApplicable/Non-Applicable?NotesIntroductionApplicableWhy Write and StudyCases?ApplicableWhat is a Case Study?ApplicableWhere Do I Begin?ApplicableGeneral points in this section forwriting your case are importantand should be taken intoconsideration.You are not required to contactor interview employees/directorsof your chosen organisation.Writing the CaseApplicableSubsection 1 ‘Defining aPurpose’ is applicable.Subsection 2 ‘Finding a CaseSite and Subject’ is applicable.Subsection 3 ‘Selling yourselfand the Idea’ is non- applicable.Subsection 4 ‘Caveats’ isapplicable.Ethical ConcernsApplicableGeneral points are important.Again note that you are notrequired to contact or interviewemployees/directors of yourchosen organisation.ReleasesNon-applicablePreparing the CaseApplicableSubsection 1 ‘Organisation’ isapplicable.2
Subsection 2 ‘Collecting theData’: You are not required tointerview participants.Therefore, information oninterviewing participants in thissubsection is non-applicable.The Subsection ‘InformationalInterviewing’ is non-applicable.Subsection 3 ‘Writing theNarrative’ is applicable.Subsection 4 ‘DiscussionQuestions’. While yourdiscussion questions areprovided below, a thoroughcase study can develop its owndiscussion questions over andabove those listed below.After the Case is WrittenNon- ApplicableNon- ApplicableSourcesApplicableHowever, use University Libraryresources.The World Wide WebApplicableThese websites are onlysuggestions. Information can bedrawn from any appropriatewebsite. However, data usedmust come from verifiablesources – see ‘Where Do IBegin?’ section of paper.Appendix AApplicableAppendix BApplicableThis should appear in your finalcase study.Appendix CNon-ApplicableCase-Writing GuideApplicable3
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