Case Study on ACS Code of Ethics

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ACS Code of EthicsCase StudySTUDENT ID:[Pick the date]
ObjectiveThe given dilemma needs to be analysed in respect to the ACS code of ethics andprofessional conduct principles. This would enable determination of the appropriate action inthe given case.FactIn the given case, Pradip has been hired as an HR manager by “Trans Australia Solutions”.However, even though the availability of contractor and manpower has significantly improvedafter his arrival but he sources contractor through a HR firm named “Job 4U”which is ownedby his wife. When confronted by the company management, Pradip highlights that thesavings due to prompt availability of manpower is in excess of the incremental staff costsincurred.AnalysisAny member of ACS is supposed to behave or discharge duties in a manner which isconsistent with the ACS code of ethics and professional conduct. Three values which are ofsignificance in the given case with regards to conduct of Pradip are honesty, primacy ofpublic interest along with professionalism. Honesty implies that the concerned memberwould be truthful to the stakeholders in particular the employer and also would not behave ina manner that leads to some inducement. Also, primacy of public interest implies that in caseof any conflict of interest, the concerned member should be driven by public interest and nothis/her self or personal interest (ACS, 2014). Further as part of professional conduct, themembers are supposed to behave in manner which tends to provide higher opportunities forthe others to develop. The above three aspects are clearly lacking in this case on part ofPradip. He did not acted honesty and aimed to serve his self-interest by ensuring thatcontractors are hired only from the above mentioned agency and not otherwise. Further, forcontractors who approached directly, barrier to hiring was created by Pradip. Hence, theconduct was in violation of the above ACS values.Certain clauses of ACS professional conduct are also relevant to this discussion. Thefollowing clauses are significant (ACS, nd).Clause 1.6 –Inform & advice the employer in case of any potential conflict of interest facedby concerned employee.Clause 2.4 – The member would protect the interest of the employer by acting in acompetent manner.
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