ACS Code of Professional Conduct

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Addressing differences is inevitable whilefacing any kind of challenges at theworkplace. In my opinion, if any worker isfacing difficulties in the workplace thenhe/she should address the problem clearlyand promptly. I think reporting to theconcerned person in the first place will be thecorrect decision as it is necessary to have anopen conversation with the person concerned.Going public or informing my friendsbeforehand will not be helpful as it willcreate unnecessary commotion. There is alsoa chance of them not believing me in the firstplace. It is better to talk to the supervisor firstand ask for advice. Keeping quiet can createserious issues later. Moreover, supporting thisissue will be unethical. In the meantime, Iwill collect some evidences regarding thisissue to establish my point. If the actions arenot taken by the supervisor, in accordancewith the situation, then I will inform myfriends who are also deprived from theirrights.What should I do in this situation andwhy?Organizational ChallengesOne of the main challenges of in aworkplace is the management’sdiscrimination and prejudice. Itaffects the team effectiveness andwork productivity which leads tothe company’s downfall. Negativebehaviors and attitudes thatincludestereotyping,discrimination and prejudice canbe a barrier to the organizationalworkforce as they harm workingrelationships and morale. Suchattitudes should never be appliedby the managers of anyorganization for hiring andterminating its employees. In thiscase I am not wrong, theorganizational behavior isunethical. It is my duty to raisemy voice, rather than keepingquiet.ACS Code of EthicsAccording to the ACS Code ofProfessional Conduct, it is importantto be honest and impartial in order tomaintain the standard andeffectiveness at the workplace. It isnecessary for the supervisors tomaintain loyalty among thecompany. I would raise these pointsto establish my actions and questionthe value system of the organization.Moreover, an organization cannot beimpartial and prioritize any of theemployees. I would raise thequestion here on how theorganization can be biased towardssomeone on the basis of his/herinternal sources (Burmeister, 2012).The organization is knowingly orunknowingly depriving others’ fromtheir rights, therefore, I will raise thisunethical issue. Treating each andeveryone equally is the duty of themanagement. In this situation theorganization is misleading otheremployees by their biased approach.This is very unprofessional andunethical on the organization’s part. Iwill raise all of these issues whichwill support my actions as referred tothe ACS Code of Ethics (McDermid,2015).
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