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Running head: ACTING FAIRLY IN A DIVERSE WORKPLACEActing fairly in a diverse workplaceName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1ACTING FAIRLY IN A DIVERSE WORKPLACEIntroductionThe increasing rate of globalization has turned most of the global work places into adiverse one. No longer employees stay and work in the insular environment; rather now theyare a part of a work environment where they have to compete within the internationalframework. Therefore the non-profit and profit organizations now required becoming morediversified in order to remain in the competition. Moreover the capitalizing and maximizingthe diversity within the work place has become a major issue for the managements. Alongwith that acting fairly has also been a major challenge for the managers (Scott et al. 2014).Within this global environment, treating all the employees with adequate respect and dealingwith them in an open and fairly manner have been two most basic requirements for themanagers. This essay will trigger the issue of acting fairly and acting uniformly within thework place.Diverse workplaceDiversity within the work place can be defined as understanding, accepting,understanding and valuing the distinct differences amongst the employees in respect to theirrace, age, ethnicity, class, disabilities, gender etc. Within the era of globalization, theorganizations are required to embrace the diversity within the workplace and find themethods of becoming the organizational environments that are inclusive of suchcharacteristics (Bhave and Glomb 2016). The diverse work places have more potential foryielding greater productivity in work and the competitive advantages. According toSue,Rasheed and Rasheed (2015) the demographic changes has become more prevalent thesedays, therefore the organizations are required reviewing their management practices anddeveloping more creative and new approaches for managing the employees. Outsourcing anddownsizing has affected the environment of the work places, especially the human resource
2ACTING FAIRLY IN A DIVERSE WORKPLACEmanagement, to a great extent. The work places practices have changed as well. On one hand,the diversity has been beneficial for both the managements and the employees, whereas onthe other hand there are several challenges within the diverse work places. In the era, wherecreativity and flexibility are the two key components of facing competitiveness, diversity canbe very much critical to the success of the organization (Kirton and Greene 2015). However,the consequences of having a diverse work place cannot also be overlooked. Managingdiversity can be crucial for the work places as in include identifying the value of thedistinctions, combating the discrimination and at the same time promoting the inclusiveness.In such situations, the managers required to act in a fair way for all the employees as wellbecause negative behaviors and attitudes can act as huge barriers for the organizations andthis may damage the work place morale, working relationships and the productivity as well.Acting uniformly and Acting fairlyWithin the workplace, the managers are required to act in a transparent and fair way.However, there are several organizations in the global framework which emphasizes on beinguniform in the work place, rather than being fair within the work place. There are severalmanagers who do not know the primary difference between acting fairly and acting uniformlywithin the work place. However, this distinction is very significant, especially within thediverse work place. In such work places, there are different kinds of employees, as there havebeen huge changes within the working arrangements. As stated bySpence Laschinger andNosko (2015.), there has been a recent rise in the numbers of employees within the diversework places who are working in an organization for atypical contract or part time basis. Inmost of the countries the availability of the part time or temporary workers has contributed toa huge extent to the flexibility of the labor market. Therefore, these workers have also helpedin keeping the unemployment rate a lot down within the global market. Therefore, more andmore employers are getting attracted towards this flexible employment contracts. A recent
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