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Activism & the Media: Case study report - assignment guidance.

Added on - 20 Sep 2019

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Activism & the Media: Case study report - assignment guidanceThe Brief: Submission date:2pm, Wednesday 4thJanuary 2017.The essay should be 2,000 words in length, properly referenced with a full and accuratebibliography. Essays must be well researched and argued, and exhibit a high degree ofengagement with the themes outlined in the lectures/seminars and readings during themodule as well as original research into the chosen campaign or organisation.Each student will chose and follow a media campaign or campaigning organisation duringthe module. This campaign or organisation will form the basis of the essay. The essayshould include the following:A commentaryon the media techniques and communication technologies adopted by thecampaign or organisation. This should cover all aspects of the campaign in as much detailas possible. Areas covered could include an outline of the aims and background of theorganisation or campaign; any events organised; any other types of activism – egboycotts/stunts/marches etc; anyconnections with other campaigns/organisations;its use ofmedia to further its aims from interaction with tradition media to new media tactics; howmuch media coverage was gained; was there any action taken by authorities in response tothe campaign?A critique of the campaign. Some issues you may wish to consider in your reflections arelisted below –but this list is not exhaustive and you do not have to cover everythinglisted below. Also you are free to include other thoughts/observations in your report.1.How successful was the campaign or organisation in getting its message out invarious media outlets?2.Were the aims of the campaign or group reproduced in the mainstream media or didthe media reframe them? If so how? And how did this affect the campaign’s efficacy?3.Did the campaign access the ‘Space of Flows’ and how successfully?4.Were there any ethical issues which came up during the campaign? How were theyresolved or were they?5.What sort of audience (eg – campaigners or governments) do you think thecampaigns was addressing? And were they effective in reaching them?6.If campaigners have formed ‘horizontal’ or ‘vertical’ connections with othercampaigns/organisations – how has this affected the campaign?7.How has the location of the campaign group and the subject of the campaigneffected their tactics – eg local/global media.8.To what extent did the campaign achieve its goals? And at what cost?9.Were there other unplanned side effects (positive or negative) which resulted fromthe campaign?10.Is the campaign short term burst or long term agenda setting?11.How did the campaign use imagery in campaigns? And how effect were they?12.Does the campaign contribute to a global public sphere? If so how?
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