(solved) Adaptive Immune System

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The Immune ResponseThe Immune ResponseThe innate immune response has physical and chemical barriersPrimary barrier to microbial entry into the body: skin peeling, drying out, and the skin'sacidity all serve to dislodge or kill foreignpathogensChemical barriers also exist once pathogens make it past the outer physical barriers; theacidity of the stomach ensures that few organisms arriving with food survive thedigestive system.The innate responsesTheinnate immune system is also calledas nonspecificimmune systemor in-bornimmunity system. This systemcomprises of cells and mechanisms thatdefend the host from infection by otherorganisms. This kind of immunity occursnaturallyduetogeneticfactorsorphysiology. This reduces the workloadof adaptive immune response. . Innateimmune systemconsists of cells andproteins that are always present and readyto mobilize and fight microbes at the siteof infection (Parham, 2014).Adaptive immune systemAdaptive immune system is also knownastheacquired immune systemthatmore rarely, as thespecific immunesystem. This is also called as asubsystem of the overallimmunesystem. Two major types of adaptiveimmune responses: humoral immunity,mediated by antibodies produced by Blymphocytes, and cell-mediatedimmunity, mediated by T lymphocytes(Mowat,and Agace, 2014).Immune system is human body is called as a system of many biological structures that functions as protects of human body againstdiseases. In order to function properly, an immune system must detect awide variety of agents, which are further known as aspathogens. In the human body there are two different immune systems known as the innate immune systemversus theadaptive immune system(Immunology Module. 2016).Active immunityProduces due to contact with pathogenImmunity doesn’t access quicklyLasts for a longer time of spanLow level of side effectsPassive immunityProduces due to antibodies obtained fromoutsideImmunity develops immediatelyImmunity lasts for just few daysAntibodies are obtained from outsideDuring the development of passiveimmunity body reacts to the introduction ofantiseraPDifference between Active and passive immunity
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