Administration Law Report - Information Act 1982

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Administration Law
RELEVANT RULEInformation Act 1982 which gives right to member to access their official documentsfrom the government of commonwealth and of their agencies. Whatever information they areaccessing from government should be against the interest of country. Moreover, for getting thesekind of information people have to follow appropriate rules and regulations which is framed bygovernment so that it will not give negative impact on others. Australian Information Commissioner Act 2010 had established the Office of AustralianInformation Commissioner (OAIC). This act was commenced on 1 November 2010 and it hadappointment for; Australian Information Commissioner (IC), Freedom of InformationCommissioner and Privacy Commissioner. As AIC act had set out the basic three functions forthe OAIC and these are; freedom of information, privacy and information policy. These all arehaving unique roles and responsibilities which has to be comply by people in order to accessinformation from government. Here, power of information commission is deliberated from twomajor acts i.e. Freedom of Information Act 1922 and Privacy Act 1988. But there is also anotherroles and responsibilities which includes in OAIC; they are handling complaints; conductinginvestigation, reviewing the decision which are given under FOI act, monitoring agencyadministration and many more. Below mentions description about primary function of AIC has been made which help toJasmine to better understand the rules and regulations about gaining proper information from thecollege. Privacy – OAIC is responsible for performing primary function and these are conferredby Privacy act and other laws. Under this Act person is having authority to complain about thehandling of their personal information. There are 13 Australian privacy principles whichsignifies that all information of people should be remain confidential which also protect therights of people. Freedom of information – OAIC is reviewing the decision which are made by agenciesunder the FOI Act. If any person is disappointed with the result of FOI, then they are havingright to make review by OAIC. Jasmine is having right to use this act and review all thedocuments of college which ensures about that information are kept in confidential nature. Information policy – It signifies that individual is having right to make inspection onorganisation policy but only those which are exempt under this discloser. As there are several1

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