Adopt Agile Methodology for a Project Management

Added on - 28 May 2020

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Running head:ADOPT AGILE METHODOLOGY FOR A PROJECT MANAGEMENTAdopt Agile Methodology for a Project ManagementName of StudentName of UniversityAuthor’s Note
1ADOPT AGILE METHODOLOGY FOR A PROJECT MANAGEMENTTask A:In any software organization, Software Development Life Cycle is the process followedfor specific software to enhance, develop, maintain, alter or replace to improve the softwarequality and development process in whole. It is very important to choose the right model for thedevelopment of software products and application. Today IT projects are aiming to develop afast-changing technology with agile methodology. There is a number of companies where theimplementation of agile software development increases. The same situation goes with theAustralian software organization where the local and reputed businesses follow the same trend.The agile methodology uses phased planning or iterative and continuous integration(Flora &Chande 2014, pp.3626-3637). This methodology will increase the satisfaction of the customerwith the collaborative measure. However, in combination with the traditional management of theproject, agile development methodology is feasible and preferable to any software organization.A case study has done to support the evidence of the companies that adopt agilemethodology as a new software development method(Calitz, Cullen & Greyling 2015). Thecompany focuses on outsourcing firm where providing software solutions to various areas. Theyhave expertise in the area of JAVA, .NET and PHP who deliver mobile application, websitedevelopment mainly from Australia, United States and Asian nations. They all have an approachto waterfall model in their project for about four years. It has found that the drawbacks of thetraditional method have affected the success of the project. In that case, the director of thecompany decided to adopt the new software development methodology. Scrum is the part of theagile project management that was adopted by the company.
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