BSBSUS501 - Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability


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Assessment One
Development Policy
The most important aspect for Sydney Opera Company is developing the code of conduct
policy that will be available to all the employees and members of the public who are attending
the venue. The company should own the code of conduct. Furthermore, the code of conduct
should outline the behaviors and attitudes that are expected by the company and how members of
the community should perform during the venue.
According to Holland and Jeske (2018 p.157) a common code of conduct is a document
which is written for organization employees for protection of employees and make sure the
expectations, visions and mission of the company are attained. Further research by Al Shebli and
Beheshti 2018 p.1-7) defined code of practice as a practical guide of achieving health standards,
safeness and welfare as required by WHS regulations in a jurisdiction and Work for Health and
safeness (WHS) organization. Furthermore, to have legal effect in the jurisdiction, there must be
approval of a code of practice that is designed to take place in that jurisdiction.
Furthermore, by management developing the code of conduct it ensures that everyone
who is permitted to attend the function whether a community member, employee or managers
conduct himself or herself in a manner that shows a respect for each other. The determination of
the whether the policy has started to be adopted by members is when employees, managers and
community members feel comfortable and confident enough to raise their concerns and have
hope that the Sydney Opera Company will respond with appropriate actions.
Sydney Opera Company also needs a health and safety work procedures and policies in
place that must be strategized to meet all the requirements and obligations of NSW world healthy
and safety Act 2011, world health and safety regulations 2011 and safe work procedures.
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Furthermore, all the procedures need to document the associated risks in the workplace and the
appropriate mitigations which can control the risks. The hazards also need to be identified and
eliminated or reduced significantly. Furthermore, all the appropriate risks control measures need
to printed and pinned on the areas with the likelihood of resulting to a risk. The pinning will
ensure that all employees and other participants in the venue are away from the hazards, risks
and also have knowledge of how they can avoid and prevent the occurrence of the risks.
Furthermore, by Sydney Opera Company developing an effective consultation process with the
participants, workplace procedures can be an important tool for training and supervising workers
and responding to any change or incidence reports from the workplace. For effective controlling
and eliminating all associated risks in the venue, risks assessment must be conducted first. Risk
assessment is described as the overall method or process that identifies risks factors and hazards
that possess the potential of causing harm (Wong and Chan, 2018 p.111). The risk assessment
needs to be completed at the venue by risk analysis experts or any other presenter.
The fair work act and antidiscrimination act should also be in place. The
antidiscrimination acts are aimed at creating equality between the participants in the venue by
eliminating illegalities of sexual, racial and other discrimination types.
Fair work acts should also be incorporated in the venues. Fair work act is defined as a
legislation that regulates the type of work done in the organizations and regulatory compliant
branch of commission.
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Assessment 2
Implementation plan
Reduce waste
Use available resources responsible and
efficiently. Using available resources and efficiently
objective in the implementation of the
strategy will enable the organization to
operate in a conductive environment without
resources constraints. The objective will also
maximize the strategy of cost saving and
therefore places the organization in a growth
position. Furthermore, by engaging with
internal and external stakeholders and
partners will encourage the effective use of
resources. The company will also be more
responsible for saving water and energy
efficiency and the electricity use is expected
to be reduced by 2 percent per annum and the
annual gas use by 4 percent per annum.
Engage, embed and inspire change
According to Waller and Waller (2018
p.1162), the Australian opera house is the
most significant performing art center,
meeting place and cultural precinct. The
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