Advanced Database Systems: Assignment

Added on - 23 Jan 2020

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Reflective ReportDatabase management system is essential for maintaining the information of anyorganization. In this present era, the relational database management system is maintaining anorganisational database in a proper manner. On the other hand, Object Oriented Databasemanagement system (OODBMS) is getting more useful over the times. I have learned theeffectiveness of this database management system and it is useful for managing the dataset ina methodical manner. In this particular database management system, the information istreated as objects and those objects generate instances. The instances of the objects maintainthe functionality of the whole database. In this present context, I am going to discuss thedatabase management system of a Netball Association, where the association is maintainingthe track record of 7 players. The details of the players are getting stored in the database,where the attributes name, Date of Birth, contact details, physical statistics, and photorespectively. Therefore, all the attributes are using as an object and the instances of theobjects are helping to maintain the records of the database. The objects are related to aparticular functionality. According to my viewpoint, this represents a hybrid structure whereeach entity could be connected with others as per the functionality of the whole database. Thedatabase management system is efficient in manner and it can store the multimedia datatypes. Therefore, I have observed that the database is more efficient in nature. Along withthat, it is able to handle the biometric information of the respective users and the informationcould be stored and retrieved in a proper manner. The database queries are operating thefunctionality of the database. Moreover, PL/SQL is useful to generate the queries regardingthe database management system.I have observed that the association is keeping the league details according to the schedulingof the leagues. The details are getting stored in the respective database system. This databasemanagement system can work more effectively. The functional dependencies could beremoved easily as per the requirement of the database and a proper link could be establishedamong the objects of the database. The role or the specialty of the players is recorded in astructured manner. According to the age of the players, the fees are allocated for them. Thestructure of the database provides the storage space, where I can store the details of 14players in each season. There is a filtering process has been incorporated into the databasewhich can check the number of appearance of a player. According to the norms of theassociation, an unaffiliated player maximum can take the part for two times in a season. I
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