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Running Head: Advanced Network SecurityADVANCED NETWORKSECURITY[Document subtitle]
Advanced Network Security 1Answer 3A.Overview of DDoS AttackAccess to a mall is interrupted by multiple illegitimate people which prevents entry to a genuine customer who is serious buyers. This affects the trade effectively. DDoS also does the same work that influences the trade ultimately. The DDoS attack is an attack where a wide range of people or group or preceptor makes the network or server resources unavailable to their intended users.In Denial of Service attach, internet or a computer connection utilized to exhaust the victim resources through flooding a server with packets. In order to fulfill the DoS purpose, different servers can use a wide range of attack methodologies. These methodologies will serve as an important source for different server connects to improve service performance through better processing of available data.Moreover, it is also considered that DDoS attacks used different internet and computer connections which are operated internationally to perform an attack. As a result, the sufferer will be flooded with the packets sent from different sources.B.Entities in DDoS Attacks:
COIT20262 Assignment 2 Submission Term 2, 2018
Advanced Network Security
COIT20262 Assignment 2 Submission Term 2, 2018
1. Access Control and Authenticating
The task here refers to authenticating and controlling the access for the small
enterprise, which contains nearly forty employees, in a years. The employees are categorized
with the following roles such as, Graphic design, IT administration, web development,
finance, CEO, software engineering, human resources, executive group and, sales and
marketing. Also multiple roles are taken by the employees, where the employees might be
available in both software engineering and also in web development. Also the company
contains key data resources such as, the marketing material, multimedia assets, company
policies, personnel records, trade secrets, meeting records, web content, and source code
(Bayometric, 2018).
Part (a)

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