Advanced Optimization Techniques in Healthcare Delivery

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Running head: ADVANCED OPTIMIZATION TECHNIQUES1Advanced Optimization Techniques in Healthcare Delivery(Name of Student)(Institutional Affiliation)(Date of Submission)
Advanced Optimization Techniques in Healthcare Delivery2More Advanced Optimization Techniques in Healthcare Delivery and their ApplicationIn healthcare, many different optimization techniques and methods have been appliedwhich have been ranging from the decisions of the operational levels to the design of the policiesof the national healthcare. These techniques in healthcare includes stochastic programming,approximate dynamic programming and discrete convex analysis. They have been applied tosolve problems such healthcare facility location, capacity planning, disease screening, diseaseprediction, treatment delivery planning, medical human resource scheduling, organ allocationand transplantation, appointment scheduling, workforce scheduling, and even in designing of thevaccines.Optimization techniques have been considered to be superior to other systems inproviding systematic, rich and flexible equipment for the drug practitioners to critically do theanalysis and make informed decisions based on the complex problems under concern. Theoptimization problems in healthcare are known to have certain significant characteristics thanthose that arise from other industries (Pierskalla and Brailler, 1994). For instance we need toapply discrete convex analysis in disease screening in the decision making problem to increasethe chances of patients’ life and thus prevents death. Consequently, the application of stochasticprogramming in the allocation of medical facilities will greatly influence the administrativepolicies and the rights of the patients. Therefore, decision makers in healthcare sector such asnurses, physicians and the administrators should participate in decision making problems usingthese optimization techniques.Problem 80 (Pharmaceutical Company)The total amount of NasaMist drug to be produced = 1000 pounds.The ingredients:Engine: Simplex LPSolution Time: 0.031 Seconds.Iterations: 0 Sub problems: 0Max Time Unlimited, Iterations Unlimited, Precision 0.000001, Use Automatic ScalingMax Sub problems Unlimited, Max Integer Sols Unlimited, Integer Tolerance 1%, Assume NonnegativeNONE
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