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Surname1InstitutionStudentCourseDateArts and Music of AmericaThe music industry has experienced tremendous changes. Traditionally, people would listen tomusic aired in radio stations. For so many years, music lovers only listened to music force-fed tothem by radio stations. However, advancement in technology revolutionized the music industry.Artists decided to search for new ways of directly connecting with their fans. Fans began bytaping their favorite songs from the radio so that they could listen to them later. Recordingcompanies did not take this lightly and considered those involved in the practice of taping asthieves[CITATION Gre10 \p p.134 \l 1033 ].This led to a conflict between music companies and theconsumer. Greedy music executives held numerous yet futile campaigns aimed at ensuring musicflowed through the traditional channels. Listeners discovered CD burning and peer-to-peersharing of files and they have not turned back since. The internet provides a platform for excitingmusic, ingenuity, and creativity. Songs from artists that were previously inaccessible are noweasily reachable with the revolutionized industry[CITATION Ste10 \p "p. 253" \l 1033 ].Despitesome artists whining about digitization, there are those that took advantage of the situation andthrived. The industry has grown from listening only to radio to home taping to CD burning to theuse of iPod, phonographs and beyond. There now exist numerous technology companies thathave developed applications where consumers can easily and freely download music of theirchoice. In this paper, we seek to compare and contrast the impact of the development of
Surname2downloadable music on the internet with the emergence of phonograph as a means of distributingmusic.The internet has reduced the world to a global village by enabling connection of people all overthe world. Smart unknown musicians are now able to reach their audience without the need foraid from a major label. Their fans can now easily access the music they previously wouldn't havelistened to. The musicians can now have a source of income from having leveraged the internet.The impact of the internet in music has been expanded through the establishment of differentways of marketing, promoting and distributing music. Despite their having an agonizingtransition for recorded music, the internet, though indirectly, has contributed to the rise ofpopularity of music concerts. Apple iTunes store began the era of legal digital distribution whichhas contributed to recording companies recovering part of their misplaced sales.[ CITATIONDic10 \l 1033 ]Some artists market live performances by releasing free music reversing theprototype of concert tours.With analog phonography, piracy was reduced since for every additional copy made, quality wasreduced. However, this was quelled by music being of inferior quality. Digital formats can bereplicated infinitely with copies being flawless surrogates of the originals. Employment of othertechniques as well as watermarking was considered to reduce piracy. MP3s usually compressaudio files to transferable sizes that can even fit in laptops. Firewire and USB are externalproducts introduced to enable fast transfer of files in hard drives[CITATION Pet12 \p p.365 \l 1033 ].Napster introduced peer-to-peer- (P2P), a technology for file sharing[CITATION Joh08 \p "p. 311" \l 1033 ].This enables users to search for a song and directly download the MP3 from related filesharers. Napster became the main avenue for production and distribution of music making record
Surname3labels less relevant. However, Napster was shut down following lawsuits of its contribution tocopyright violation.Apple music store was introduced to enable users to buy songs without any subscription fee. Thetwo companies that signed in first were Universal and Warner. Consumers could now play songsfrom their iPod. This turned out to be a new stage for the music business. ITunes gained loads ofpopularity that resulted in record labels requesting them to change their pricing strategies andcharge more for songs by popular artists. These resulted in the introduction of a three-tier pricingmodel. CD sales were on the decline following the popularity of Apple store. Apple owns morethan 50% of the market share for digital music purchases.[CITATION Ric11 \p p.144 \l 1033 ]Thissuccess by Apple motivated the emergence of other platforms to sell music. These includeAmazon, Google, Spotify and Beatport among others.It is evident that technological change has resulted in a great transformation of the musicindustry. Up-coming artists can now create quality music from the anywhere followingavailability of advanced production and distribution software. Sites such as YouTube and Soundcloud has made this easier. They no longer require a professional studio or a record label. Socialmedia platforms such as Facebook and Twitter enable artists to connect with their fans and theyenable videos and songs go viral. My Space and Band Camp are networks that enable artists topromote their new projects and sell their albums.[CITATION Dan12 \p p.22 \l 1033 ]The release offree music byartists’ acts as a promotional tool for them as it aids boost demand for showtickets. This is in contrast to the way artists traditionally made money through live shows ratherthan the sale of recordings.The emergence of music blogs and websites around the net promote digital transmission of freshmusic. They help musicians increase their fan base, distribute information about shows and
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