Advantage and Disadvantage of The Agile Method

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INTRODUCTION Agile methodology is an important concept which in turn proposes incremental and effectualdesign pertaining to software design as well as development. A software framework is a platformof developing software application. It important for an organisation to have a designed systemthat integrate data of various department to smooth operation of the organisation. As peranalysing the case study, agile method is being adopted for project development of the W2L. Thepresent report has discussed the advantage and disadvantage of the agile method with appropriateillustration. The report will include a list of high level requirement for building the system.Prioritising the requirement is discussed with a proper illustration and recommendations. Further,the report will discuss different role of data controller in the context of business organization.Further, report will also provide deeper insight about the legal, social, ethical and professionalissues pertaining to W2L. A summary has outlines which shows the purpose of BSC code ofconduct.MAIN BODYSection AAgile software is a technology which offers solutions through the combined efforts ofcross-functional teams. It is recognized as the most effectual approach which in turn facioliatesrapid as well as flexible response towards change. It assists in planning, development, deliveryand continual improvement to a great extent. DSDM Atern: This is also known as Dynamic Systems Development Method. This is themost used methods from the Agile software development process. This process helps inunderstanding the overall management of the firm effectively (What is DSDM Atern,2014). Walk2line (W2L) is ais a health and fitness franchise. To manage their work effectivelythey want to implement a new system which can help them in monitoring all their work. As perthe given case, DSDM Atern will be the best process to implement in the organization.According to Scott Runner, this method will be very appropriate for them as this will assist them3
in managing all their franchises centrally, and also to allow each franchise to manage their ownoperations in a more structured fashion. DSDM Atern work on the basis of following principles, Feasibility: This will help in analysing all the operations of the organization which canbe very helpful for W2L in order to manage their work.Foundation: This will ensure that all the methods and techniques are applied perfectly inthe organization (What is DSDM Atern,2014). Exploration: This process helps in exploring all the processes which is being performedin the organization, as this will help in developing appropriate strategies. Engineering: Agile engineering may be defined as the prominent process of softwarredevelopment which in turn helps in dealing with challenging tasks. It also ensures rapidproduct development cycles and thereby helps in getting competitive edge. All the above mentioned phase helps W2L to effectively perform their duties withthe help of this DSDM Atern process by the organization (DSDM Atern Handbook(2008), 2012). By focusing on methods like, RAD can help in reducing code robustness in theorganization. This process needs significant user involvement which has to be considered verycarefully by W2L as this will help in giving a good outcome. From assessment, it has identified4Illustration 1: DSDM Atern

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