Cloud Computing: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Improving Business Value


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Advantages and disadvantagesof cloud computing for businessSubmitted by: Bhaskar KhadkaCourse: MBAStudent id: NPS2432Subject: Business Research1
Cloud Computing: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Improving Business Value_1

Introduction It is evident in these days most of the companiesexpand not only in the number of employees, butalso in the number of departments. During thesecircumstances cloud computing is a tool that assistscompanies meet their goal and objective. Cloudcomputing can be very effective and efficienttechnology for small business also. The response tothe competitive business market is to make betterutilisation of Internet services and give away moreincentives. Cloud computing can help business tocreate applications that can bring business value bybringing in innovations for its staff. Nevertheless,these businesses should be very careful of the useof cloud computing while providing clouds.Project objective The main objective of this project is to analyzewhether cloud computing can increase businessvalue and how important has cloud computingbecome in today’s business world. And alsodiscussing advantages and disadvantages of cloudcomputing for business.2
Cloud Computing: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Improving Business Value_2

Project scopeThis report will display the use of cloud computingand its technologies which has been providingvalue to the business. Initially, it will provide adefinition of cloud computing and it’s usage. Andthen literature review will explain the benefits anddrawbacks of cloud computing. There will also bean explanation of how Amazon’s cloud system coulddecrease expenses. Moreover, this report willconclude explaining how cloud computing canchange the business future. Literature review The use of cloud computing has not only beendebatable but also controversial these days. Cloudcomputing is fundamentally a technology that isused to access different assistances on theInternet. According to Cumming (2010) “cloudcomputing is a technology model in which any andall resources-application software, processingpower, data storage, backup facility delivered as aset of services via the Internet”. Cloud computing ishailed as an exceptional computing which offersbetter service than any other. In tern ofdevelopments as well here are varieties of it suchas service as service and hardware as service. But3
Cloud Computing: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Improving Business Value_3

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