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Research Proposal FormName:Number:Centre Name:Tutor:Date:Unit:Proposed title:To determine the impact social media in connecting with largenumber of customers. A case study of Quantum Technology.
Section One: Title, objective, responsibilitiesResearch title: To determine the impact social media in connecting with large number of customers.A case study of Quantum Technology.Research Objectives:To analyse the concept of social media.To identify advantages and disadvantages of social media.To identify the major tools of social media used by Quantum Technology to connect withcustomers.Research Question:What is theconcept of social media?What are the advantages and disadvantages of social media ?What are the major tools of social media used by Quantum Technology to connect withcustomers?Section Two: Reasons for choosing this research projectResearch is being considered as an effective and essential programme that help in delivering rightinformation over a circumstantial topic. Away with this, both managers and authorities have kept theirfocus on number of advantages and disadvantages related to using social media. This researchprocedure will aid in connecting with customers with Quantum Technology.Section Three: Literature sources searchedSection Four: Activities and timescalesActivities to be carried out during the research project (e.g. research,development and analysis of ideas, writing, data collection, numericalanalysis, tutor meetings, production of final outcome, evaluation,writing the report):How long this will take:
Research proposalDetermining research aims and objectivesPrepare research questionsLiterature reviewResearch methodologyQuestionnaireData analysisConclusionRecommendationsFinal submission7 days4 days5 days7 days8 days6 days4 days5 days4 days5 daysSection Five: Research approach and methodologiesQualitative method (Primary sources)Questionnaire – 40 respondentsTypes of investigator:It is important part of research methodology in which researcher gather relevant dataand information in effective manner. Mainly, it includes two types such as qualitative and quantitativeinvestigation. Both are important to effectively collect the relevant data and information. Mainly, this researchis based on qualitative method through which investigator can easily find the effective information inappropriate way.Research design:It refer to the framework which is related with the purpose of carry out the research ineffective manner. It includes three type such as exploratory, descriptive and experimental research design. Allthese are effective for gathering relevant data and information. For this research, investigator use descriptiveresearch design which may contribute in gathering relevant data towards the specific area.Research Philosophy:This part is also important for investigator as it related with development of skills andknowledge. Mainly, it is used to analyse the data in systematic manner. It divide in two section likeinterpritivism and positivism. For conducting this research, investigator use interpritivism research philosophywhich may assist in gathering qualitative data which is based on the human nature.Research Approach:It is one of the important section of research methodology which help in conductingeffective research activities. It divided in two research approach like deductive and inductive research. Both areappropriate to gather relevant data and information. IN this researcher use inductive research approach which
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