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advertise department of MacDonald’s PDF

Added on - 08 Nov 2021

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Author's Note:
In this particular advertisement, the message conveyed by the company is not clear. The
advertise department of MacDonald’s did not follow persuasive measures to keep the consumers
engaged in the attractive offer they are provided with. In this measure the persuasive theory of
advertising can be discussed where the advertisement or product promotion attempt to influence
the consumers in favor of purchasing the particular product (Hernandez, Wright and Ferminiano
2015). This advertisement of MacDonald’s has not shared important information so that this can
encourage the first-time customers for trying this particular product of the company. The images
of the products are lucrative and details which particular food the customers will get in this
particular meal but for the first-time users do not understand the meaning of the tagline, ‘big mac
extra value meal’. The target market is middle class and high-class young people of any country.
The text in this advertisement is problematic as this does not clearly state the name of the
product. Therefore, the consumers visiting the store or seeing this advertisement for the first
experience cannot get the perfect idea of this combo meal. Through this advertisement, the
customers will not be able to understand whether this is a chicken or beef burger. The quality of
the food in this advertisement is not clearly detailed so that the consumers can understand the
quality of the Coca-Cola served in this meal or the size of the burger. Therefore, the text used in
this particular advertisement is not informative for the new customer. In addition to this, the
older customers though know the taste or size of the big mac served by the company, get no idea
about the price of this meal so that they understand how mush they have to pay in the stores for
this meal. The store names, timing or validity of this offer is also not detailed in this
advertisement. These factors have made the advertise net more unclear for the customers both
old as well as new.
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