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Running head: ADVERTISEMENT IN MAGAZINEAdvertisement in magazineName of the studentName of the universityAuthor note
1ADVERTISEMENT IN MAGAZINEThe essay concentrates on the five advertisements on television of the United States.The five advertisements on television are;HeinzBurger kingNikeSamsungAppleMessage strategy, appeal and the execution frameworkThe message strategy of Heinz includes the delivery of the finest ketch up to thecustomers to bring an extra taste to the foods.The message strategy of burger king includes the offering of the tasty burger to thecustomers. The message provided in the ad includes the authentic the offering of thetaste of the burgers.The message strategy of Nike includes the offering of the remarkable effort to breakthe challenge of two-hour marathon barrier. The strategy includes the attractivemessage to the real-world challenge that can test the limits of human potential.The message strategy of Samsung includes the strategy of a flightless soar. Theadvertisement includes the users can compare themselves to the bird who can soarhigh virtually.The message strategy of apple includes the narration from the late Carl Sagan. It hasbeen used from the book of 1994 in order to deliver the beautiful protest ad shortlyafter the president Trump pulled the U.S out of the Paris climate accord (Andrews &Shimp, 2017)The other message and execution strategies that could have been applied
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