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Student name:Student ID:ASSESSMENT EXERCISE 5 (AE5): REFLECTION TEMPLATERefer to theAE5 guidelines and reflection resourceson FLO before completingthe template.Add your name and ID in the header of this document, which is theAE5 template.Use this templateonly. This is a word document so add your reflection content undereach heading.Remember refection is much more than just detailing events.TEMPLATEPopulation health group or theme: OBESITY1.Based on the topic content through lectures, readings, policy andtutorials identify and justify how your ideas, values and beliefs about thepopulation health group or themehave been confirmed, changed orchallenged. 500 wordsThe following write up is my reflection on lectures, tutorials, policy, and readingsabout obesity, physical activity, and nutrition. This will involve identification andjustifications of my ideas, beliefs, and values on obese population as they have beenconfirmed and others changed or challenged from the study. The write up will alsocontain my application of the information gained to my professional practice.Obesity has risen to be one of the big public health challenges affecting many peopletoday (Avsar, Ham, and Tannous, 2017). Before the lecture, I thought that obesity iscaused by indiscipline of an individual in regard to eating habits and physicalexercise. Obesity was caused by overeating fast food that amounted to high level offats and calories in the body and the body was not using all of it in physical activitiesor exercises leading to accumulation. This idea was confirmed in the lecture thatpersonal irresponsibility and lack of concern to one’s weight leads to obesity.Individuals who do not mind or take responsibility of their own weight are likely to1|Page
Student name:Student ID:suffer from obesity. I did not know that obesity can be genetic. I believed that obesitywas for careless eaters and did not depend on individual’s genetic make-up (Lacy etal, 2015). From the study, I have learnt that the genetic makeup of an individual canincrease the risk of a person being obese. I also learnt that the environment of anindividual can lead to obesity. The social environment can stimulate or encourageunder exercising or overeating behaviours. A social environment with plenty of fastfood can encourage people to eat a lot of fat and high level calories disregarding thebody activities (Bolton et al., 2017). Therefore, I was able to learn two other socialand genetic cause of obesity in the population.Before the study on obesity, I viewed obese people as lazy, irresponsible and aspeople who lacked good parental care and guidance. I thought that obese peopleshould take responsibility of their own body and reduce the burden to both theeconomy and public health sector. This meant that they should focus on theirbehaviour change in controlling body weight. After the lecture, I realized that I had abad perception toward obese people and it increased discrimination andstigmatization among people living with obesity (Sugiyama et al., 2015). I learnt thatobesity is not only caused by individual behaviour that has changed myunderstanding and attitude to obese population. From the studies, I have learnt thatobese control and treatment should take a broader approach that includes social andenvironmental determinants and not only change in behaviour. I have also learnt thatpeople living with obese require support in the health care system that include beingnonjudgmental and respectful (Kirk et al., 2015).2.How will this information impact the way in which you practiceprofessionally. 150 wordsFrom the information in the topic of obesity, physical activities, and nutrition, I havegained knowledge, skills, and have a change in attitude on the obesity concept thatwill positively impact my professional practice. First, I will take a broader approach tocontrolling obesity. This will include considering other contributing factors such associal determinants rather than just considering behaviour change. Secondly, I willoffer support to obese patients. I will ensure that obsess people are respected andnot judged to enable them get the required support in the health care system (Kirk etal., 2015). Lastly, I will focus on educating people on causes, effects, and ways to2|Page
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