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AI Technology in Hydroponics - Assignment

Added on - 14 Jun 2021

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1AI technology in HydroponicsNameCourseProfessorSchoolCityDate
2How this AI Technology helps in Hydroponics (Robotic Automation, Sensors)Technology has been a major contributing aspect in individuals’ lives(Naik et. al 2016).Advancement in the agricultural technology is changing on the way individuals grows food aswell as manage on their harvests, and ultimately reduce on the environmental effects(Kozai,2016). Artificial intelligence technology such as sensors and the robotics are the two exponentialtechnologies which has disrupted on the multitude of the billion dollars agricultural industries(Kozai, 2016). The sensors and the robotics are yielding dramatic improvements in the followingaspects such as knowing on the global yield and the health to the humanity crops(Kozai, 2016).The combination on the ground drone as well as the satellite based sensors would ensure there isa good knowledge to what would be going on every acre of crop land to the planet(Skilton andHovsepian, 2017). It would be possible to yield, green up rates as well as the saturation levels(Ren, 2018). Additionally, AI would be crucial in the vertical urban farming(Matanzima, 2014).The robots and the sensors would offer twenty four hours per day to lighting at the frequencywhich are turned(Naik et. al 2016). The sensors are able to maintain the hydroponic water at theperfect PH, along with the nutrients to the exact levels which could drive the hyper fast growingand maximal yields, far more than the possible to the far(Matanzima, 2014). The robots usuallymaintain and harvest the crop. Consequently, these farms would deliver yields numerous of time.How far will it affect the current hydroponic Farming?Artificial intelligence would affect the current hydroponic farming to a great extent(Ren, 2018).With the AI it would enable an augmented reality to the crop management system would becrucial to the hydroponic farming(Ren, 2018). There has been combination of the machinelearning, computer vision as well as augmented reality interface which would be crucial and
3would enable any individuals to become a master farmer(Ren, 2018). With the use of the AI theuser would be presented with the data in regards to the plants in the hydroponic farm(Naik et. al2016). There would be detection and diagnosis of the visual anomalies and suggest on the actionaimed to mitigate the issues that correlates to it with the use of the environmental data in order todetermine on the cause(Naik et. al 2016). AI keeps getting smarter with each harvest and itwould not be long until the world greatest experts on the hydroponic growing would not be ahuman(Naik et. al 2016).Today it is possible to train the artificial neutral networks which could be trained with the hugesets of the data as well as large scale computing which are deep learning, boosting data drivensolutions in order to improve on the decision making in farming(Ren, 2018). Artificial neuralnetworks are the computing system(Ren, 2018). The data which would be generated by thesensors in the farms, on the fields or during the transportation they would provide unprecedentedwealth of the information(Rossouw, 2016). AI which is applied in agriculture could optimize aswell as increase on the yields, improve on the farm planning along with optimizing on theresources and consequently reduce on the waste(Ren, 2018). AI would have significance inhydroponic farming since it would be used in the precision weeding and picking of the diseaserecognition thus it would have a potential to carve out the new scenarios to the farming system(Naik et. al 2016). When it comes to precision weeding as well as picking Abundant Roboticsthey recently raised ten million dollars aimed to build on a robot which has the capability to pickon the right apples(Rossouw, 2016). Another example is the Vision Robotics which is a SanDiego organization which has been working on the pair to the robots which could be crucial tothe hydroponic farming(Skilton and Hovsepian, 2017).Will it be a cost efficient?
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