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Aim of the CourseworkThis IP addressing design coursework is intended to develop your understanding ofthe structure of IP addresses, the role of subnet and supernet masks, how a suitablepublic IP addressing scheme might be designed for an enterprise, and how this issubsequently used to assign IP addresses to subnets as well as hosts.RequirementAn enterprise wishes to develop a public IP addressing scheme to allow it to connectto the Internet. Using the company specification and the physical network designgiven below, develop a suitablefixed-length subnet maskIP addressing scheme andassign addresses to all your subnets and router connections i.e. the routers’pointsof attachment. Your answer should contain (i) a clear description of the methodologyyou have followed (ii) the subnet and supernet masks that arise from your design(and expressed in the appropriate notation), and (iii) a list of the subnet and router IPaddresses you have created in dot notation. (Make sure you clearly identify to whichsubnets and routerpoints of attachmentthese addresses are assigned.) Thenetwork address assigned to your company is PointsNote that there is not necessarily a single correct answer.This coursework requires afixed-length subnet maskIP addressing scheme.However you may wish to submit an additionalvariable-length subnet mask(VLSM) addressing scheme. Additional marks can be gained in this way - see themarking criteria.A fixed length subnet marking scheme, however, must besubmitted.If you feel any of the specification below is ambiguous or unclear, feel free tomake any sensible assumptions though remember to write down theseassumptions in your report.There are no specific length or word count requirements. However pleasenote the marking criteria listed overleaf.You are strongly advised to complete the workshop exercises before startingthe coursework.You are strongly advised to show all steps in your working.You are strongly advised to interpret the requirement “Your answer shouldcontain (i) a clear description of the methodology you have followed” as the needto generate a professional report. Please pay attention to the relevantassessment criterion.
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