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Running Head: AIRBUS A380 VS. BOEING 787Airbus A380 VS. Boeing 787Student Name:Course work:University:
AIRBUS A380 VS. BOEING 7871Q1. Aircraft succeed during poor economic timesThe poor economic times considers many factors between the two aircraft. The pilot requires inthe cockpit by the Boeing is three and Airbus requires only two pilots. At the poor economictimes, the Airbus airline saves money by using two pilots and Boeing use three pilots. Airbus380 pilots seem to be cheaper than Boeing 787 pilots (Gorod et al., 2014). The cost of fuel ismore fuel efficient for a Boeing 787. At the poor economic times, it is very necessary to sell theirseats so that the profit margin remains the same. The flying airplanes are not at the fullerutilization of capacity. The seats of Boeing 787 are having lesser seats than Airbus 380 whichmakes the fuel efficient at the poor economic times.Q2. Aircraft succeed during strong economic timesAt the time of strong economic times, customers like to travel more. The business earns morethrough promoting the business travelers and leisure travelers. The Airbus 380 is utilizing fullerfuel capacity by filling the seats of airlines through promoting the airlines (Weir et al., 2013).The Airline develops the strategic business plan for small flights which helps to connect the nexthub airport. The reasonable cost of seats increases the usage of more flights on this aircraft.Q3. Better position of the Aircraft in the futureBoth the airplanes manufacturers produce good airplanes, and both are the major players in theaircraft industry. It is presumed by the people that the hub and spoke airlines system works betterthan others. The routes of Airbus 380 are long, and they are all big hub cities to other big hugcities. This system works because everyone is not using Phoenix Arizona from Sydney but it isused by the majority of people needs in the US. Thus, Airbus 380 has the better position in the
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