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CST8256 Web Programming Language ILab 4Objective1.Use ASP.NET Master Page2.Set Master Page properties inside content page.Due DateSee Canvas posting for the due date. To earn 5 points, you are required:1.Complete the lab as required.2.Zip yourwebsite folderinto one zip file and submit the zip file to the Blackboard beforethe due date. Any late submission will have 2 points deducted automatically.3.Demo me your lab work during the following week’s lab session. If for any reason, youmissed a lab, you can make up the demo in a future lab session.Preparation1.Download and unzip “Lab 4” file. This file contains the followingresources needed to complete the lab:An ASP.NET master page “AlgonquinMasterPage”Two images “SAT.png” and “SMD.png”,A style sheet “SiteStyles.css”A class library “Lab4Entities.dll”2.After creating a new ASP.NET empty web site Lab4, you will need to add the masterpage to the web site. Right click on the web site and select “Add > Existing Item ...”3.Create an App_Themes folder inside the web site; Right click on the web site and select“Add > Add ASP.NET Folder > Theme”4.Add the images and the style sheet into App_Themes folder.5.To use the class library “Lab4Entities.dll”, you have to add the reference to it from theweb site as:CST8256 Web Programming Language IPage1
After completion, your Visual Studio Solution should look like the following:CST8256 Web Programming Language IPage2
RequirementsYou are required to create 4 web form pages inside this web site.1.Add three web forms, SatFirstPage.aspx, SatSecondPage.aspx and SatThirdPage.aspx,using master page AlgonquiMasterPage.master.CST8256 Web Programming Language IPage3
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