Altruism the basis of sexual selection.

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Altruism the basis of sexual selectionAbstractThe study was done to explain the human altruism of sexual selection hypothesis which wasgiven by Darwin in the year 1871. This hypothesis told that altruism is a form of mating signal,so as to know about the characteristics of opposite sex. This may increase the chance of selectionto mate. This hypothesis states that altruism is a sexually selected trait so as to increase thechances of being attracted, retain and reproduce with the other sex. For the study, variousparticipants were chosen and were asked to read the information and then were presented a seriesof images which were attractive and non-attractive. The observations were to be done in order tocheck the financial altruism or non-financial altruism and was noticed that the participants werechoosing on the basis of attractiveness. This explained the evolution of altruism whichdetermines that the people show altruism for more attractive people. The 2- D facial images andonline facial database were used for the methodology and paired sample t-test for non-financialaltruism were utilized for the experimentation or the study.The more attracted people wereassumed to give more positive attribute range than the non-attractive ones. Various studies havebeen reported for the past ten years. The whole experiment was based on the attractive and non-attractive images.IntroductionAltruism is the word coined by Auguste Comte, a French philosopher; it is derived from Latinword ‘alteri' which means ‘someone else.' In French it is termed as ‘altruisme’ which meansselflessness; used as an antonym for selfishness. Altruism is defined as welfare to others whichmay or may not harm or benefits themselves.There are many sexual selection theories which talk
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