Amazon Marketing Paper Assignment

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Amazon Marketing Paper
IntroductionAmazon is the multinational e-commerce giant selling millions of the products worldwide. Thecompany deals in variety of products and assures its customers of high quality services. In thefollowing marketing paper of Amazon, the particular product considered is Amazon Kindle Fire.Amazon Kindle Fire is one of the many products sold under the brand Amazon. It is one of themost popular form of tablet which is being sold at the most minimum price as compared to mostof the competitors in the market. In the following marketing paper, the various marketingstrategies of Amazon in relation with Amazon Kindle will be discussed in detail.
Company BackgroundAmazon is one of the leading companies that sells goods and services over the internet. Initially,Amazon started off as an online bookstore. But with the passage of the time the company gainedhuge success and hence diversified itself into different product lines and services (Blake &Berger, 2013). At present, Amazon is one of the leading multinational e-commerce giant and oneof the largest retailers in the world. The company deals in retail operations including books,electronics, household items, sports, clothing, jewelry and others. The company is an Americanorigin which was founded by Jeff Bezoz in the year 1994. The company has it’s headquarter inSeattle, US.Product InformationAmazon Kindle Fire is one of the most popular product of Amazon that was introduced by thecompany in the year 2011 after the huge popularity gained by the e-books in the last decade(Rainie, 2012). Kindle is a mobile electronic reader device which is designed especially forreading books or other kind of literature such as magazines or journals. It is an Android-basedtablet. The product was designed based on the Jeff’s vision to create the best e-reader in theworld that can be accessed by everyone. The product’s first launch was a huge success as most ofthe devices were sold within five and a half hours of its launch (Williams, 2020). The companyhas been making continuous improvements and innovation in order to make it the best e-readerin the world. The Amazon’s Kindle is currently the market leader among the e-readers. TheAmazon’s Kindle Fire runs on Android Gingerbread operating system. The additional features ofAmazon Kindle Fire includes Liquid Crystal Display, High Density Picture Resolution, andInternal Memory Storage ranging from 8-16 GB, Stereo Audio Jack and Wi-Fi connectivity(Williams, 2020). The product was designed in California. However, some of its parts are beingmanufactured and assembled in China. The product comes in different colors with options likeBlue, Black, Magenta and Tangerine. Other than reading books, the tablet can also be used forplaying games, watching movies, internet browsing, listening to music, checking emails andsocial media. The company is continuously working on its Fire Model in order to make it moreproductive and beneficial in order to support the everyday needs of its consumers.
Target Market GroupAmazon Kindle Fire is a tablet that has been competitively priced and makes use of GoogleAndroid in order to operate. The tablet has attracted a whole lot of people by its compact designand easy to use contents (Camilleri, 2018). The company has been able to attract customers bykeeping the prices of their product low in the highly competitive market. The main competitorsof Amazon Kindle are Barnes and Noble, Sony and Kobo. Other than this the main competitor ofAmazon Kindle is Apple’s IPad.When the product was initially launched, it brought a revolution in the e-readers market. Theway the consumers used to read books was changed from using 200 pages to storing the wholebook into a small compact device. During the initial launch of the product, the product wasviewed as the “IPad Killer” and the product was launched with the purpose of providing theconsumers with the opportunity to e-read their favorite books (Dolnicar, 2018). However,with the re-development of the device by the company, the consumers were able to watchmovies, play games, listen music and view photos on the device. All these features were madeavailable to the target group and the consumers at almost half the price of the Apple’s IPad andthis played an important role in attracting customers for this product.The target market group of Amazon Kindle Fire consists of people who are interested in thetechnology use but does not want to pay high amounts for the same. The product caters to theneeds of the book lovers and hence focus on them. It mostly targets the young people, studentsand the already existing customers of the Amazon (Williams, 2020). However, the peoplebelonging to all groups are considered as potential customers by the Amazon Kindle Fire.Accessibility and convenience are the two prime factors that have made Kindle particularlypopular among its target group.Marketing StrategiesThe various elements of marketing mix for Amazon Kindle Fire are explained in detail asfollows:
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