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Running head:CLASS IN THE AMERICAN HISTORYCLASS IN THE AMERICAN HISTORYName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1CLASS IN THE AMERICAN HISTORYSocial class has gained high importance in the history of America and it has been one ofthe major discussed and argumentative topics for decades (Gilbert 2014). The essay by Eric Lotttalks about the class issues and the development of the class in and from the late 17thcentury.The conception and the idealization of the class in that age that it was only Abraham Lincolnwho believed in the American Exceptionalism which proposes the idea of providing unlimitedopportunities to the citizens willing to look beyond the horizon. The class formation and classconsciousness in America has achieved its place in the society as well as in the mind of thepeople from the early 17thcentury. The class differences were the most distinguishable featuresof the age which is evident from the well known sermon of John Winthrop, Arbella. The class inthat specific century referred to the values, dignity, status, respectability, quality and thereligious virtues. In another writing by Erik Olin Wight there is useful distinction among theclass structure, class formation, and the class consciousness. The class consciousness issharpened by the entrance of the individuals into the social relations, whereas the class formationrefers to the organized collectivities that are the result of the interests shaped by the classstructure. In other hand the class has been viewed as the “whole way of life” by the RaymondWilliams and “whole way of conflicts” by E. P Thompson.Wile discussing the development of the class the law for the married women forprotection of their property can be referred. From the early 19thcentury the state started to enactthe common laws for the protection of the property of the married women. The act was passed inthe year 1848 ( 2017). The act includes the protection of the property in terms ofthe real and personal property and along with the origination of the property from any kind ofsource that is inherited by the marriage of the women. This property protection act is definitelyan indication to the class system in the American history since today. The Homestead Act passed
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