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Biography ofWilliam Tyndale
William TyndaleWilliam Tyndale is well known to be the remarkable figure in the first generation ofEnglish Protestants. He has contributed effectively towards the history of English Bible deservesto be written in golden letter. There are no exact dates for his birth but it is assigned to be in theyear 1494. More specifically, he was born in Gloucestershire on the borders of Wales (Canon,2010). There are not much of information regarding members of Tyndale. Edward, Richard andJohn are considered to be brothers of Tyndale. Among these John Tyndale was a merchant ofLondon and was fined by the Star Chamber in the year 1530 in order to assist William for thecirculation of New Testament. It is not possible to ascertain the parentage as there are noauthoritative statement given.Educational background: He was sent to Magdalen hall in University of Oxford at earlyage. There he was known to be virtuous learning and conduct. Moreover, he had high aptitudefor acquisition of languages (Juhász, 2014). According to quotes given by Robert Demausa,Tyndal’s was determine to be an Englishman who is so skilled to speak in seven tongues; Italian,French, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Spanish and English. He was so fluent in all these languages thatwhoever heard him speak will think it is his native tongue. At Oxford, he devoted himself forstudying scriptures. He was so involved in it that he used to instruct his friends in the trust andknowledge of the Scriptures.He read the Greek edition of New Testament and discovered the joy and freedom of thedoctrine of justification by faith. The understanding that he gained, he wanted to share this withcountrymen by making an English translation for New Testament (Werrell, 2013). Further, hewas appointed in Cardinal Wolsey’s which was newly founded college but was imprisoned as hewas found suspected of Lutheranism.In the year 1515 he gained M.A. from Oxford, later he moved on to University ofCambridge for some time. There no reasons identified for why Tyndal’s left Oxford but it is saidthat he wanted to share scripture but it was not possible to do that staying in Oxford (Vandiver,Keen and Frazel, 2010). Further, it is being assumed that he left University of Cambridge in theyear 1521.At Sodbury: He started serving as a tutor at Sir Walsh and there he got the opportunity tomeet groups of learned people, which included people like doctors, archdeacons, deans, etc.majority of the talking were of learning Erasmus, Luther and opinions of scripture. Tyndale1
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