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INTRODUCTIONPolitical Culture is considered as a group of perspective, faith and emotions which provides thestructure and definition of a political process and which gives fundamental presumption andregulations that control behaviour in a political system. Political culture describes how theculture of a society affects the political system of a country. Politics is just not about theexpression and activity of the so-called Politicians; but at the moment it seems to be under thetricks of these foul, cunning, power and might hungry men. Sometimes the essence of a polity isnot just the sum of all the people and organization at the moment, but it is much more than that.But politics can be game of just a few people or individual who can blackout the role of others.Politics is so profound in the brains and wisdom of the nation that the existence of a distinctpolitical tradition continuously counters equalizing forces at work in the economic and societaldomain of present-day life. (Pye)The political culture, the knowledge that primarily exists in society, provides a better outlook ofpolitics to people living in the society. It is believed that a civic community, which has a greaterlevel of interest in politics, social impartiality, mutual faith, non-mandatory union andindependence of being vocal and right to keep forward a point of view leads to the excessivelikelihood of constructive democracy and governance. Thus a better political culture and outlookcould lead to an efficient political system which involves society too.LIBERALISM:refers to the political and economic belief that focuses on individual freedom,the impartiality of chances and opportunity and preservation of rights of people (like a right oflife, speech etc.) firstly against the government and later against both government and individual
profit-making people like businessman and industrialists. Liberalism in colonial countries hasproved to be the most significant force in countries. Liberals had constantly tussled against theconservative forces of the society, for people’s right and societal reforms.William E. Gladstone quoted “Liberalism is a trust of the people tempered by prudence.Conservatism is distrust of the people tempered by fear”(Meadowcroft).PROSPECT OF LIBERALISM TODAY INEX-COLONIAL NATION NIGERIA:Nigeria has always been a country with people Impossible to be suppressed, the governance andauthority even in colonial rule realized that they could not stop the people from expressing theirviews and raising their voice for development and growth. The Nigerian Press was the mostanimated and spirited press among the colonial nation of Africa. There were endless strugglesand efforts by nationalists for change in the policy of the ruling country and eventually forfreedom from colonization. Nigeria was under the British colonial rule from 1901 to 1960 andbecame a republic in 1963. There have been various constitutional changes in Nigeria since itsindependence that has caused instability in governance. The issue of Democracy, Constitutionand Constitutionalism, governance problem etc. has been rising, and the prospect ofliberalization is to be looked upon as how it will affect the society and country. (Elaigwu)Nigeria has gone through various phases of democracy change since its independence. One maythink that after these years of freedom they would have a well established and functioningdemocracy but its opposite of that, as far as the liberal democracy and practice are concerned, itis yet a dream and not a reality. Democracy is the central and most important feature foreconomic development and safety, technological and scientific growth, educational advancementand social reforms. Democracy though is a universal conception; it differs from place to place
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