business performance in Aldi Assignment

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An executive appraisalof informationsystems on the impactof businessperformance.
TABLE OF CONTENTS1.ALDI Background, Mission and Vision2.Why ALDI?3.ALDI's Strategy4.Information System comparison between ALDI andcompetitors5.Strategy and Information System timeline6.Information System's impacts on businessperformance7.Current process map and improvements8.Advantages, drawbacks and recommendations9.Reference list
ALDI’s Background1913First store opened by AnneAlbercht in 1913 inSchonnebeck,EssenGermany(Anonymous,2020);1946Extended by Anne's sonsKarl and Theo Albrecht in1946 theAldi'sname camefrom AlbrechtDiscount(Anonymous,2020;Rudolph et al, 2012);1960Thecompany was split in 2subsidiaries Aldi Nord andAldi Sud, separationbetween the 2 brancheswas madebecause one ofthem (Aldi Sud) was sellingcigarettes and the otherdisagreed(Rudolph et al,2012;Tyler,2018);1976Later Aldi developedoverseas and built newstores, first one opened in1976 in Iowa,USA(According to Aldi.USwebsite);1990By 1990, Aldi Sud joined theUK market(Rice,2019);NowadaysAldi Sud has over 35,000employees and 890 storesin the UnitedKingdom(Sweney, 2020).Bogdan-Marian Dragomir3
Mission and VisionBusiness approach defined by corevalues such asconsistency,simplicity and responsibility;Aldi's mission is to continually setstandardsand expand its marketposition,pursuitby improvingquality and distinguish itself fromthe other retailers;In Aldi's perspective the importanceof their customers impact on theirproducts and operations is the keyto avoid negative feedback;Following the three principles, Aldihas developed a culture from itsconstantly growth and the build ofa durable reputation.(ALDICorporate Responsibility,2020)Bogdan-Marian Dragomir4
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