Investigation of Connected Cars

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An investigation of Connected Carsin Safety Features on Perception ofCustomer, Regulators andManufactures
CHAPTER 3. LITERATURE REVIEW3.1.1 Objective 1According to American Traffic Safety Services (ATSSA) 2018:12 “Connected Vehicle” is a big termwhich explains a wireless connectivity ability on vehicles which can be used for applications initiatefrom infotainment to navigate to the vehicle safely. Information Technology and InnovationFoundation (ITIF) 2018:2 also explains “Connected cars are one of the technologies which make upthe Internet of Things (IoT), a term which used to explain the set of physical objects attached withsensors or actuators and connected to a network”. The General Motors (GM) with the main aim ofmaking a safety feature product in collaboration with Motorola bringing in the market, OnStar thefirst Connected Car over the last two decades (Auto connected car news 2019).perceived quality is nowadays the main quality in the success of the automotive industry. In thiscurrent economic system going to develop their product according to the requirement of the user.Nowadays the main goal of the automotive industry is to understand the user perception about thequality of the product. As we see that during the development of product most of the engineers gofor evaluation of the product according to previous data and information. Despite this, they shouldgo for Technical Perceived Quality (TPQ) where they collected data and information according tothe aspect of the user about its technology of the product. Considering your own requirementsbefore going for one is always the best choice for the user. Nowadays in most of the business patronwant to use the applications in a different way so that they can easily do their work with moreaccuracy and security. As we see that when any type of business rise and evolve, then they need todevelop their already existing system as well as need to upgrade their system. To implement this inthe automotive industry we should analyze the currently existing technology in connected cars andalso the needs of a new technology which is important to the automotive industry. By doing this wecan easily find out what new equipment and other related things are required to sure that the newtechnology of the connected cars fully supports the current and future requirements of the end useror not.In 1984 Garvin find out that finished products and perceived quality is the major parts of the quality. Theperceived quality is a subjective judgment of the user about complete product quality and superiority. Perceivedquality is totally based upon the perception of the customers. The design of new connected cars mainly dependsupon the present and future demands of the user to ensure the development of the company by implementingthe right technology. By discussing the basic requirements and problems of the current connected cars with the
customer, the engineer can easily plan the quality infrastructure design of the connected cars. Due to which theybenefitted both technically and financially to the automotive industry.3.1.2 Objective 2According to one theory of Marketing, Ansoff Matrix is a strategic planning tool which provides aframework to help executives, senior managers, and marketers to incorporate strategies for futuregrowth. Ansoff Matrix permits to see options by considering risk and marketing implications (Raoand Klein 2015). In the automotive industry, there is a research center for the perceived qualitywhich technical aspects is according to the requirements of the user. There is an influence of somany different aesthetic features on the user brand perception. As we see that product qualityrelated aspects have more attention because there are overlaps and few gaps in the perceived qualityof the product. Nowadays in most of the automotive industry, people want to use the applications ina different way so that they can easily do their work with more accuracy and security. As we knowthat in current time most of the connected car use virtualization technique to reduce their expenses.There are so many things which can affect the performance of connected cars like a failure ofhardware parts, problems of changing environment and updates of the software.(Guerra, Erick (1June 2016))To examine the market segmentation in the automotive industries whereby analysis and discussionwill be undertaken in order to identify how a customer is inclined to this market and the challengesthat these industries encounter by creating a better way of measuring customer perceived quality bylooking how the particular sector could improve. The design of new connected cars mainly dependsupon the present and future demands of the user to ensure the development of the company byimplementing the right technology. Finally, what benefits it brings to the society by providingguidance to the automotive industry improving product life cycle those would contribute torecommendations for the automotive industry on how could improve perceived quality.By understanding current trends of Product Innovation Technology mainly in the sector of theAutomotive Industry when faced with new product development bringing the latest innovativetechnology into the marketplace. Furthermore, targeting the right consumers on how and/or whatinfluence customer perception of quality about connected cars. By doing this activity, it will beunderstood how willing customer acceptance of payment for certain products with a respectablebrand reputation. Finally, finding the right balance amongst companies producing those innovativeproducts which bring competitive advantage in the current marketplace play the main role inmeasuring the quality perceived by the user from a technical perspective.Many of the automotive industry can use this facility to run, host and develop as well as providesservices according to the demand of the user at anywhere, anytime and on any device.Integrated security protects the effects of worm, viruses and other attacks on the design ofconnected cars. Nowadays connected car industries mainly work on a collection of different level ofstatistics, how fastly these statistics will be collected and how these statistics will be controlled bythe users. It will provide the present status of connected cars new design with their physical andvirtual performance according to the aspects of customer.
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