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Analyse the Effect of Balance Score Card | Report

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Added on  2020-02-05

Analyse the Effect of Balance Score Card | Report

   Added on 2020-02-05

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Discussion & Conclusion
Analyse the Effect of Balance Score Card | Report_1
5.1 Introduction
This chapter of the dissertation is the last section which presents a summary of whole the
thesis or research study investigated by the scholar. It is very important to take proper precautions
while summarizing the entire reports because appropriate solution as well as recommendation for
the resolving the chosen issue is totally depends upon the right conclusion. In the present report, this
chapter will present the overall findings and analysis of the researcher conducted in order to
analyse the effect of balance score card (BSC) on the managerial decisions in the oil & gas industry.
Along with this, on the basis of the evaluation or findings, organizations will be recommended with
the best and unique advices to make smarter decisions for bringing growth and success. Lastly, the
section will also introduce the area of future research in the current field that can be conducted by
other scholars in the forthcoming period.
5.2 Discussion
From the carried report, it becomes clear that BSC has four perspectives that are internal
business process, consumer perspective, Learning & Growth perspectives & financial perspective as
well. As per the applied statistical technique, it has been assessed that there is a strong linkage
between the financial perspective of BSC and the effective decision making practices in the
industry. It is extremely important compare to other perspectives because it provides an idea to the
decision makers such as managers, executive and other BOD members about business performance
in diverse areas like cost, profit, return on investment & many others. With the help of in-depth
analysis, managers can detect areas where firm did not performed well; as a result, various policies
& decisions can be made for cost-controlling, profit enhancement & generating better return to gain
competitive edge. However, all the other perspectives such as internal business process, consumer
perspective & Learning & Growth perspectives has been given preferences by equal number of
respondents to 4.
Moreover, as per correlation analysis, it is founded that average DV & FP are positively plus
moderately related to each other because it is measured to 0.565 under the range of 0.75. However,
on the other side, as per the outcome of descriptive statistics, central tendency measurement
founded that BSC has a strong impact upon the decision-making effectiveness in an organization.
Larger proportion of the respondent replied that BSC provides an insight to the managers in each
and every that might affect the success of the corporation such as consumer satisfaction,
profitability, internal efficiency, employees’ skills, competency level & their satisfaction level as
well. Further, Durbin Watson test founded that L&G and CP create a big impact on the decision-
Analyse the Effect of Balance Score Card | Report_2

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