(solved) Analysing Information and Data for Problem Solving

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Analysing Information and Datafor Problem Solving no 2
Report for Duque Papetiers GrosDate:1
Report for Duque Papetiers Gros 2018IntroductionDuque Papertiers Gros is organization which is dealing with stationery products alongwith its distributions in international market. This business has appropriately built strongcustomer base over 50 years as it consists of wholesale trade along with other business inNorthern France. The present report will give brief discussion about overview of Germanystationery market with its trend and challenges. In the similar aspect, it will represent annualspending on drawing and writing material per capita in European countries. This report willshow total sales of year 2015 to 2017 of each item with pie chart. It will represent variousmerits and demerits for expansion of business operations in Belgium and Germany.2
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