Analysing Teamwork Social Events and Company Culture Assignment

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TEAMWORK, SOCIAL EVENTS AND COMPANY CULTURE ARE VITAL TOHAPPINESS AT WORKRESEARCH QUESTIONWhat factors can lead in maintaining a healthier environment at the workplace?Employees are considered as an important part of the organisation. To maintain a happierand healthier environment in a workplace, it is important to have a good level of interactionbetween the employees. Teamwork plays an essential role in the whole scenario. There should bewell interaction between the employees of the company along with the terms with themanagement (Wegge and Piecha, 2011). Various minds can speak better than a single one. Whileworking in a team, various ideas pop out from different people and they can discuss all of themand can choose the one that seems feasible enough to reach to a positive outcome which canprove beneficial for the company. It acts always quite better than a single idea. When employeesdiscuss in groups, a part of their interaction level increases as well. They become able tocommunicate with everyone in the team where they can put their own points and recommendwhat they think is right (Alison, 2017). When there is a good communication between theemployees and the management and they both are friendly enough to discuss their issues withthem. With respect to that, the management must be capable of solving their issues so that noemployee have to face any sort of problem (Tsai, 2011). These factors can help in making theculture of the workplace more happier and healthier.The organisation must organise some sort of social events which can also prove equallybeneficial. These events can help the employees in increasing their confidence level, which canact as a very essential tool for them in their whole carrier. By participating in these events, theycan be able to open up more, their motivation level will automatically increase and they cancommunicate more well with the other co workers and the management as well. It is evenconsidered that planning of such social events in an organisation acts as one of the best ways forencouraging a healthier environment of the workplace (Cameron and Calarco, 2011). Only workmakes the company a boring and dull place where one can not even able to think about anyimprovements or increments. Sum sort of fun and activities are important. It does not means onlyinside activities but also those which are to be done outside the office. It also helps in making a
big difference in the capability of the company for retaining quality employees for more years tocome. Planning of any social event must not be easy, specially if it is to be done outside theoffice. It takes a great effort for the management as well as for the employees. An organisationcan organise picnics as it seems a wonderful idea for calming the anxieties of the employees andthus making them more refreshed. It can further help them in staying more focused and confidenttowards the work which will lead the company in achieving all its targets within a fastertimeline. Also, an organisation can plan some sporting events. It also can help the staff inrefreshing and expanding their muscles. It can also be a nice idea for their physical and mentalhealth (Luthans, Luthans and Luthans, 2015).Social events can make the employees happyResponseFrequencyPercentageYes35No10Can't say5YesNoCan't say0510152025303535105Column B
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