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Wind Power Generation Assignment

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Added on  2019-09-20

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ANALYSIS AND COMPARISON OF A CUSTOM CONSTRUCTED SMALL-SCALE WIND AUGEMNTATIONDEVICE WITH A WIND-GUIDE ATTACHEMENT TO IMPROVE WIND POWER GENERATION(May 2017)Bhavana Kashibhatla, B.Tech., JNTUChairman of Advisory Committee: Dr. Ulan DakeevMethodology:The shroud with 30-degree angle was selected as it delivers significantly improved performance and power efficiency when compared to other shrouded wind augmentation devices with different angles. A shroud with 30-degree angle will be designed and 3-D printed with a cone in it. A miniature blower will be utilized to produce an artificial wind in a closed environment. The inlet and outlet wind velocities are collected using two anemometers at inlet and outlet. The theoretical power values are calculated using the formula p=12ρav3 utilizing the input and output velocities recorded individually. The obtained power is analyzed using a statistical software called IBM SPSS Statistics. In SPSS, t-test analysis is performed to compare the power input and power output, if there exists any significant difference between them.
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