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Analysis of my Health Record System Assignment PDF

Added on - 17 Apr 2021

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Running head: ANALYSIS OF MY HEALTH RECORD SYSTEMAnalysis of My Health RecordName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s note:
ANALYSIS OF MY HEALTH RECORD SYSTEM11. IntroductionThe ‘My Health Record’ is a secure online summary of the health information of an individual.An individual is able to control their personal records. The health information could be sharedwith doctors to gain proper information related to their health and get the appropriate medicalfacilities. The online portal is able to store existing records and is designed in such a way that therecords could be integrated into the existing systems of local clinics (Charles, Gabriel &Furukawa, 2013).2. Discussion2.1 Problems with the Health Record SystemsIn the modern age of technological advancements, most of the medical counters still usethe paper based methods of recording information. Although the electronic method of healthinformation record has several benefits, but the use of such online methods is still meagre. Theelectronic medical record (EMR) could be extremely helpful in saving time and cost of thepatient in the time of critical situations.There are several problems that are identified with the EMR, which may includeincreased time of provider, lack of standards, threats to confidentiality and down time ofcomputers. The concern related to EMR systems is having computer down time. In this scenario,the threat of accessing to the right piece of information at the real time is true. Yet the increasingreliability on computer systems and networks is able to resolve the problem (Bowman, 2013).Another significant problem which arises with EMR systems is the lack of propersystems in order to interchange information. Although a number of system standards exist for thetransmission of pure data, there is still no agreement in areas of patient signs and symbols.
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