Analysis of Smart Mobile Phone Usage in Australia

Added on - 31 May 2021

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Analysis of Smart Mobile Phone Usage in Australia1ANALYSIS OF SMART MOBILE PHONE USAGE IN AUSTRALIANameCourse NumberDateFaculty Name
Analysis of Smart Mobile Phone Usage in Australia2Analysis of Smart Mobile Phone Usage in AustraliaDate:31/05/2021To:Michelle Yeoh, Chief Data AnalystFrom:Grace Park, Research and Analysis DepartmentSubject:Analysis of Smart Mobile Phone Usage in AustraliaDear Michelle,I checked the mobile data file you sent and did the analysis as requested. All the questionwere thoroughly checked and evaluated based on the required methodologies. Below areexplanations and answers to each question included in the memorandum you sent on 14thApril2018.Question 1: Overall view of amounts spend per month on mobile phonesOn average, Australians use 67.75 dollars on a mobile phone per month and this valuedeviates from the true average of monthly mobile usage by 2.55 dollars. Therefore, the averageamount of money Australian might spent on mobile smart mobile phones might vary with therange of 2.55 dollars. The amounts spent by Australians on smart mobile phones are not equallydistributed around the mean, hence making the median a better measure of the central value forthe data. The arithmetic mean is slightly greater than the median value, showing that highervalues of monthly mobiles usages are above the median amount. The highest amount spentmonthly on the smart mobile phone based on the sample is 216 dollar and expenditure of 11dollars.Question 2: Monthly Bill versus Lifestyle FactorsI first extracted the monthly bill for tribe categories which includes the three mostcommon – which includes Achievers, independents and Suburban Splendour. Within the dataset,28 were Achievers, 25 independents, and 27 were Suburban Splendour. On average, theAchievers spend 71.39 dollars, 69.88 dollars for the Independents and 71.85 dollars for theSuburban Splendour. These three average are close together between the three major categories.Using an ANOVA test for equality of monthly expenditure for smart mobile phones among thethree categories, it was found that the averages were significantly different. The test produced anF statistic of 365.34 which is greater than the F critical value of 3.9. As a result, we reject ahypothesis that the differences in monthly expenditure on the smart mobile phone between thethree categories are not different from zero. We conclude that at least one group has asignificantly different average amount spent per month on smart mobile phones. Based on theaverage values of the three categories, we can conclude that Independents are significantlydifferent from the others.Question 3: Mobile Phone Affordabilitya)Average monthly bill for all Smart mobile phone owners in Australia
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