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Analysis of the Business of Nike: Case Study

Added on - 03 Mar 2020

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Running head: ANALYSIS OF THE BUSINESS OF NIKEAnalysis of the Business of NikeName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1ANALYSIS OF THE BUSINESS OF NIKENike is a manufacturer of sportswear and athletic shoe. They have formed their businessby performing various advertisement campaigns for the television and in form of print form ofmedia for encouraging their audience for buying their newest and most fashionable shoes andsneakers that are available in the market.One a specific advertisement for the campaign of Nike, which was structured around the slogan“JUST DO IT,” attempts its audience to get up from their sofas and get into the habit of regularexercise. The main aim of the slogan was to help its audience to exchange their bad habits andget involved in good habits by buying Nike athletic shoes (Miller, 2013). The slogan of theiradvertisement implies that the people have nothing to lose by buying their product but they cangain good health.The spread of the advertisement was about two pages that have originally came out inthe weekly in the newspapers and magazines that was targeting the population of AfricanAmericans in the newest world of the business. Like most of the ad prints of Nike's, thisparticular one targets some of the specific audience like the Afro American men who are well-educated professionals (Miller, 2013). By continuously repeating the slogan of “JUST DO IT”and throwing potential challenge to the consumers for achieving the different facets of theirexperience, the company has been trying to insist that wearing the shoes of Nike that representstheir signature of success. This phenomenon has not limited itself by staying in the court ofbasketball, but also became an important facet for the game of life (Gupta, 2015).Federal form of regulations tends to outlaw advertising that claims outright thedeceptions and some of the advertisements that are designed that are generally not informative,for just letting the audience to be aware about the product with a specific feature that are
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