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Analyzing a Couple of Advertisement in IT

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Added on  2020-02-19

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Running head: PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE IN ITTopic- Professional practice in ITName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s Note
Analyzing a Couple of Advertisement in IT_1
1PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE IN ITJob description: - After analyzing a couple of advertisement, it is identified that theorganization “iiNet Subiaco” are looking for network administrator who is capable of kicking offtheir networking career in the OpCen which is a communication as well as surveillance hub ofiiNet. The main role of the networking administrator in iiNet is to monitor the business of iiNetand its network in order to identify faults so that proper resolution methods or strategies can beprovided. The selection criteria include:Experience or exposure to networkingProper communication skill and outstanding customer serviceCan able to manage security as well as network facilities 1. Selection Criteria The organization “iiNet Subiaco” wants to hire network administrator who wants to starttheir networking career in the OpCen, which is a communication and surveillance hub in iiNet.The organization set some selection criteria for hiring the interested individuals in theirorganization. I have gone through the advertisement and found myself eligible for the job postas a network administrator.1.1 Experience or exposure to networkingLead in statement: I have proper knowledge in the field of networking and therefore Ican manage any network infrastructure quite easily.First supporting evidence: I have completed by bachelor of information technologyfrom CQU University and searching for a job as per my ability. I have appropriate knowledge ofnetworking which can be utilized anywhere starting from maintenance of network infrastructure
Analyzing a Couple of Advertisement in IT_2
2PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE IN ITto various telecommunications related systems. I have completed training on intermediate levelof Linux and thus I can work with Linux based infrastructure. I have appropriate skills innetwork performance tuning, network design and LAN knowledge. In addition to this, I haveproper technical understanding, problem solving ability, strategic planning, quality focus as wellas multi-tasker.Second supporting evidence: I can maintain proper environment of computing bydetermining different network requirements, installing upgrades and for monitoring differenttypes of network related performance. I can also establish proper network specification byconferring various users by analyzing the workflow, various types of security networks and fordesigning different router administration. My engagement in upgrading network withoutproviding references as well as support will be beneficial for the organization “iiNet Subiaco”.As per the requirement of the organization, I have the ability of maintain composure in a fastspaced environment like iiNet.Conclusion statement: Therefore, it is concluded that I am able in assisting theimplementation of the core network, internet infrastructure, information security for ensuring thedelivery of high-level performance to the service level agreements and provides proper customerservice for supporting both the growth as well as revenue for all the IT related business withinthe organization. 1.2 Proper communication skill and outstanding customer serviceLead in statement: I am quite good in communication and thus I am cable ofcommunicating properly with external as well as internal stakeholders of the organization.
Analyzing a Couple of Advertisement in IT_3

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