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Running head: "ANALYZING THE MARKET ENVIRONMENT" & "WRITING A SALES PROPOSAL."1IntroductionSamsung is a South Korean family owned Company that comes under the category of globalconglomerate and operates in the consumer gadgets and appliances market. The company aspiresto be a global leader and enter into the newer market. Samsung does not get contentment byoperating in fewer, market base but wants to expand its business worldwide. Therefore the focusof this report will be to analyze the internal and external market for the company to make itsinvasion process smooth and successful.Marketing Audit ToolsInternal EnvironmentThis arena of examination has three aspects like- Analyzing the performance of financedepartment, evaluating the marketing plan and strategy, and internal department of marketing'senvironment. The effective and efficient operations of a company determine the auditing of anorganization's marketing environment. The operations of the company include research anddevelopment, financing, purchasing, and manufacturing. The basic resources which theorganizations have with itself are (The Five M's) - Men (Labor), Machinery (tools andequipment), Money (amount, Finance), Materials (raw materials and factors of production),Method (Process).The internal auditing environment serves a single objective that is to examine what is workingand what is not working in an organization. It mainly concerns for doing right things instead ofjudging workers serving your company (Hornsby, et al., 2002).
Running head: "ANALYZING THE MARKET ENVIRONMENT" & "WRITING A SALES PROPOSAL."2Figure1Five M’s of ManagementExternal EnvironmentTo some factors, the organization has full control of internal policies, or employee attitude andbehavior, while on other factors, the organization has limited control like- consumer tastes,technological development, the economic policy of the government, etc. Analyzing the externalenvironment of the organization helps to predict the business environment which may suit theorganization to execute its strategy of marketing (Lazur, F. 2016).
Running head: "ANALYZING THE MARKET ENVIRONMENT" & "WRITING A SALES PROPOSAL."3Analyzing the external environment involves three steps which are depicted below:Figure2Three Steps to Analyze External Environment
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