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Running head: LABORATORY REPORT 1Laboratory ReportStudents NameUniversity Affiliate
LABORATORY REPORT2LABORATORY REPORTAnimal physiology is the study of chemical and physical interior functions of animals.Expt 1: Sodium Uptake and Loss in Fresh Water CrayfishIntroductionCrayfish absorbs sodium and chloride ions from very dilute solutions. Absorption is continuousas part of salt balance mechanism. There is a salt balance when the salt uptake rate equals thetotal salt lost. The crayfish for this experiment was acclimated to low sodium concentration fortwo weeks. This experiment intends to investigate how sodium is absorbed and lost by crayfishto its environment.Methods1.The Crayfish was rinsed off with distilled water and its weight recorded.2.It was placed in the measured volume of the appropriate experimental sodiumconcentration.3.After five minutes time 0 sample was taken by removing a 5ml water sample into a cleantube and time recorded. This step was repeated at 30, 60 and 90 minutes.4.Using the correct worksheet calibration curve, values were entered into the grey cells,and sample photometer readings were added to obtain sodium concentration for thesample.5.The values for the medium sodium concentration and uptake rate were then entered onthe class results table on the whiteboard before leaving the laboratory.6.On week two, a worksheet was provided and the data was filled in to complete it.7.All the green cells were filled
LABORATORY REPORT38.The mean and standard error values were calculated both for the sodium concentration inthe water and sodium influx rate.9.Passive sodium loss was determined, and Jmax values were derivedResultsThe results are as shown below
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