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Article | Importance of Relationships to Understand Community

Added on -2019-09-20

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Annotated BibliographySource 1: Watling Neal, J. & D. Christens, B. (2014). Linking the Levels: Network and Relational Perspectives for Community Psychology. Retrieved from The article represents that networks and relationships have great importance for understanding communities, settings, larger social system, and neighborhoods (Watling Neal, 2014). Generally,it can be said that relational and network perspectives have an ability to provide empirical and conceptual links between different levels of analysis. These levels of analysis may reflect a transactional view which helps them in understanding neighborhood and communities. Furthermore, it is also defined that important concepts of community psychology such as empowerment, health promotion, and coalition building can be understood in an effective manner by employing network and relational perspectives. On the basis of such knowledge, one can easily draw necessary themes and recommendations for future advancement in the field of community psychology.Source 2: M. Boyd, N. (2014). A 10-YEAR RETROSPECTIVE OF ORGANIZATION STUDIES IN COMMUNITY PSYCHOLOGY: CONTENT, THEORY, AND IMPACT. Retrieved from
Summary The chosen article defined that organization studies and community psychology are two complementary fields. It is true somehow because community psychologists have lots of knowledge regarding community psychology which they can share with individuals related to that particular field and organization literature at large. Apart of this, a content analysis was also conducted to understand both the Journal of Community Psychology and American Journal of Community Psychology from 2001 to 2011 (M. Boyd, 2014). It was performed to determine the manifestation of organization studies in the literature. This will prove helpful in determining the perfect coding strategy to measure collected information.Source 3: Dey, A. & Abowd, G. Cite a Website - Cite This For Me. Retrieved from article represents the necessity of smart environment. It concludes that smart environment is required to provide effective services to occupants ( Generally, it can be said that it is necessary for every organization to identify their context and determine what actions need to take to satisfy the identified context. It can be said that goal of the smart environment not only supports the activities but also enhance the abilities of occupants in performing different organizational tasks. Context is defined as information that is required to utilize a particular situation of an entity. Furthermore, it can be said that the most important problem faced by every organization is
building and executing effective context-aware applications. If the organization wants to resolve such problem, they can build applications on the basis of ad-hoc manner.Source 4: Bush, B., Dauelsberg, L., & Powell, D. (2005). Critical Infrastructure Protection Decision Support System (CIP/DSS) Project Overview. Retrieved from article represents the dynamics of couple separate infrastructure and individual infrastructureas per their interdependencies ( . On the other hand, it also defines the future and current cyber or physical threat environment. It can be said that organization requires a comprehensive approach to measuring security risks and detect available vulnerabilities in its cyber infrastructure. Furthermore, it can be suggested that the organizations should understand the investment options and consequences of policies before taking any decision regarding security system environment. This may be helpful in providing proper infrastructure security by avoiding all available vulnerabilities.Source 5: Ngesu, L. M., & Njeru, A. N. (2014). Causes and effects of drugs and substance abuse among secondary school students in Dagoreti division, Nairobi West district.Summary The selected article (Ngesu, L. M., & Njeru, A. N., 2014) deals with the drug addiction in the secondary school students in Dagoretti Division, Nairobi West district-Kenya. According to the paper, the drug has a different definition of different people. The drug is a substance which altersthe functions of an organism taking it. Drug intake can be considered legal or illegal depending

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